Monday, December 22, 2008

Hou Du Fort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye City is located 15 kilometers southeast of the base Tanxiang the new village, built in the Han Dynasty. Via the new channel, you might see East Point, and Wei-ran who is the only deposit slips Fort Hou. Legend has it that this Si Tian Jin Hun cast. Du Hou plane near a square fort, 172 meters long from north to south and 152 meters wide east. 6 m high wall residues, Dikuan 6.8 m, 5 Dingkuan 5 meters to Beiyuan the most complete. A 1.40-shaped angle Park pier, at the end of the diameter of 8,5 meters, the top 7 meters, 6 meters high residue. East-West axis to provide an online portal, and one each Weng Cheng. Weng Cheng 30 meters long from north to south, east and 20 meters wide, yellow Ben Zhu, Baonei original Temple, has spent before liberation, is only part of the Canqiang.

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