Monday, December 22, 2008

Han Lei Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

October 1969 was in the audience found the mine a large-scale late Eastern Han Dynasty brick tomb, as a result of the cultural relics unearthed treasures, China sign tourism and the well-known copper gallop. Taiwan is a mine of ancient ritual Raytheon, as a result of a high of about 10 meters of land on the stage built in the Ming Dynasty in the construction of the medium-term outlook Leizu named after. According to the figurines unearthed Ma Ming chest Records, Lei Han Department of Taiwan, "Zhang Jun Chang Shou-Zhangye" Tomb, about the year between the years 186-219. Mudao 19.34 meters long, the tomb hours before, during and after Room and the Room with about 3 ears, have unearthed gold, silver, copper, iron, jade, bone, stone, 231 cultural relics such as pottery, figurines guards of honor Tong Juma 99 . Among them, copper gallop the highest artistic value. Copper Horse, also known as Ma Chao-long bird, was bronzed hair green, MA 34.5 cm high, 45 cm long and weighs 17.5 kilograms, was flying horse-shaped, three-foot vacant, the head end of Jan, right after a treadmill with a single step Fenfei Looking scared as the Youth Pre-employment Training " Aeolus birds, "Long birds, has changed the traditional day The modeling approach, in line with the principle of the mechanical balance, the rich culture of Tianma, superb casting techniques, bronze art can be the best. Original Jane gallop copper is deposited with the Gansu Provincial Museum.

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