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Shirengou south of Nan Zhao Shan Temple scenic tourist area Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danxia Nanzhao Xian Temple is located in the north-east, leaving five North Town Office. As a result of post-red soil ridge Piedmont, in the early Jiansi Hongxia named Temple, Xian Xia Temple, later renamed the Danxia Temple, "the daily Dan Mu, Chi-Hyuk Choi Ha, starting from the valley, if Wodan color, such as Chan Mingxia, "named, is Yu-southwest of the existing one of the three ancient temples of the Millennium, and Hong Chuan Yen Monastery, the town-famous Buddha Temple. Block temples throughout north to south, after the pile by Python Hill, Qinglongshan left and right according to White Tiger Hill, near Red Hill, there are files in the distance barriers for sub-Hill, Hill with exquisite care, magnificent momentum and quiet. Kowloon from the front of the winding river flowing through beautiful environment Green Show.

Dan Temple is a provincial heritage unit, Henan Province, one of the eight major Ming Si, the temple of the first Funiu Mountain, south of Henan Zen the Holy Land. From the tourism perspective, this area in order to focus on Danxia Temple, including the temple area, Tallinn, Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill, old trees, a few doors, and other parts of the district. The biggest advantage of the scenic mountains around the ring of water, human Ran into one, especially around the Temple Danxia temples, picturesque. At the same time from the area near the county seat, tourism advantages are clear.

(1) of the temple: Ma Wancun located. Tang Changqing 2004 (824), the Zen master of this natural Jiansi. Since the natural Sengsi create a Zen master here, to North Chongning 2004 (104), Chan Seng Tak-sun temple renovation will increase, and the purchase of farm, accounting for water, according to Hill, prosperous and growing. The late Yuan Dynasty, was due to Bingluan, burned away. Yongle of the Ming dynasty for 11 years (1413) Tan Chan Seng Kuan, in the construction of the temple on the ruins of a temple. Ming Zhengtong the first year (1436) since Zen master also planning to repair. Ming Jiajing 2002 (1523) monks of life and to the expansion of the Temple Danxia been ZTE, a new look. "Business Hall of North and South, East and West together configuration, while Wei-ran in the large hill, and three plastic Buddha and Ocean's 18. Jingzhen spread of celecoxib is this lofty temples, the Provisional King of frightened people, travel Chang Huai persons. "But in the late Ming Dynasty, Bingluan after another, monasteries were destroyed again. The early Qing Dynasty, monks all over the diaspora, have been returned, the temple of Tobe monk, blazing to clean up the site and rebuild their temple. Um quiet then, the two monks, following Mian Zhu Kwong, religious incense, to help advise, after renovation, the temple more fai . Temple and outside the towering old trees, Calocedrus shady, lush, scenic, Nanyang been listed as one of the eight major landscape view. Danxia Temple has now entered its peak period. At that time, more than 300 monks, the temple production also increased significantly, in the southwest of Henan in the cause of Buddhism's influence has reached an unprecedented level of Qing Emperor Guangxu give "Long live the card" side. So far non-circulating, "barberry, 800, 500, Danxia" said.

Temple Danxia existing temples for the construction of the Qing Dynasty. Temple-wide area reached more than 50 acres, more than 140 inter-hall premises. Central axis of the building, followed by the Mountain Gate, Jia Lan Temple, Main Hall, Dian Lu border Canon Building, Room Yongxin, the ancestral hall and after. There are stone lions on either side, Langfang, M Catering homes. Its strict rational layout, Cuoluoyouzhi. Temple has a diameter of two meters of a large leather drum, an ancient bell, bell-to ten away; two meters high, two stone lions on either side of the separation of the Mountain Gate, on the base were engraved with the "Red Temple" and Ten to the jungle "eight characters; a near two old white fruit trees, planting on both sides of the front, some high-Shu Zhang, measurements of rough trails, lush foliage, Zhetianbiri; next to the temple have Parkinson's, the two chestnut , And a long extension, have a few rough, high-Shu Zhang, towering into the clouds, a tree Putao Jia Cong, coiled in between two trees, there are vulgar, "a hundred (Parker , (Li) Putao Jia ", said; 400 meters south-west of the temple, there is an area of dozens of acres of old Berlin, uniform, the China trip. Depths of the jungle, for the burial place of Chan Seng history. Zhuanta existing in the Yuan Dynasty Eight, four of the Qing Dynasty stone. This has a long history (generation has spread to 57) of the temple, there are stringent Regulation, discipline and integrity of the organization, Zhou and the Buddhist ritual, far-reaching result. In the early Republican era, the monks have gathered in this country, once held up over January-old ordained a grand ceremony.

Terauchi have existing Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the number-stele, above the record of the temple along Danxia Changes. 13 years of Qing dynasty (1834) tablets "...... Temple began in the early days of the Tang, Song Sheng on, soldiers burning in the yuan, Ming Chung Hsing so far, the reconstruction of the Qing Dynasty so far. " After Temple Danxia Feixing, through vicissitudes. In that period, Bingfei Cross, the war years, the temple in disrepair for many years, incomplete. In particular, the Qing Zen monk and sounding as a result of Menhuzhixian, property dispute, suffer much. Later, the new monk at the temple when selling in the middle of being killed, Pu Yu monks have also arrested and jailed, the decline from this Buddhist temple. Liberation, the left only to sleep, sleep, and so on the first of three monks. In the party and government attention and protection, many buildings were Repair. In 1960, set up in the county people's nursing home, and a number of additional buildings. In 1963 to a total of Temple Hall room, Sengshe 141. One of the three halls, rooms, and two things Kuayuan Buddha in the preservation of integrity and brilliant color. In 1982, the Government has allocated 30,000 yuan for renovation Sent staff to look after and protect.

Monastery quiet environment: "Si Hou Feng-Feng Ren-thousand-Rabbit, about two-Feng Li folder, next to the nearly Chao Zhu Feng arch"; "beautiful mountain circled Zhuangruo phoenix wings, clear spring around its foot, such as the sound of swift current. .....";" Many mountain surrounded by water after another roundabout, song Cong-mao, the permitted high-rise, as is the Nanyang monuments, the resort also Nanzhao. "Xiao Meng Tang Dynasty poems are:" Autumn Song refused to color, jade-green soft refused. Right to be climbing, water is also DC. Crane negative letters, Yun Sok for fur clothing. Sally Murdoch village far, Ce Zhang Yu intersection. "After all, still a good place to visit. Now Up the house of temples, ancient buildings in the research process also has some reference value. After the temple area of the slope, Lansheng tower built around a variety of plant leaves, such as green fuel, Tallow, such as pine. The whole area around the temple are planting more Hongmei, Tau, such as Lagerstroemia Hongyexiaobo plants and flowers, leaves, such as planting Prunus cerasifera To contrast "Danxia" mood.

(2) Qinglongshan: Qinglongshan tall and straight in a critical situation, Ngong Road dragon You Si Zhang Xiao, Shan Buddhist waist hole for the early Danxia natural Zen master of self-cultivation by the UN.

(3) Foshan lying: also known as file-Hill. Qinglongshan board Yuan Wang, the file shows that sub-Hill, "Giant "Supine, life. Mountainside a large cave, stalactite cave shoots, Quanyajiaocuo, Shashi spectacular.

(4) White Tiger Mountain: tall and powerful White Tiger Hill, the magnificent, exquisite small spider Hill round, like a ruby mounted on the side of the temple.

(5) Tallinn: The years immediately after the liberation Danxia around the ancient temple buildings, the size of the Shaolin Temple over. Today, only scattered Shiyu Zuo, are the Yuan, Ming and Qing period built for Temple monks Danxia cemetery. Existing in the Yuan Dynasty has a complete Zhuanta 5, the five towers, four tower clearance.

(6) Berlin: Danxia Buddhist temple in Berlin is the living Place the largest, towering old trees, shady Calocedrus, planted by the Eight Diagrams layout of the Yin and Yang.

(7), many old names: Danxia Temple, there are far abdominal profile, near the village where there are temporary, are backing vein, Active Water, there is the town of Tower Hill, pass under a bridge of the city. The Cooper Temple 2, in front of male and female Seven Star Apricot, as far as history records, planted in the Tang and Song dynasties, so far, the Millennium; Temple of Hong camphor tree, white Iguazu, and Ta Song Tan hollow tree, and Putao Jia Li Bai, the temple festooned with the flavor. Abbot on both sides of the room in front of the stage two hours cypress and long wing, Song Bo, nearly millennium ago.

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