Monday, February 2, 2009

Han procedure Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han procedure of Taiwan, formerly known as Hall is three years ago, when Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang of procedure. Taiwan procedure established in the Han Dynasty, Liu Liang Sangumaolu out, talk to the military's construction of a special event States and Taiwan were round. Wei and Jin Dynasties, as a result of repeated Bingxian, the collapse of the Church of Taiwan, almost abandoned. Wanli next to the reconstruction, Changed to rectangular, 80 meters long from north to south, 4 meters wide, 5 meters high, Lei Cheng masonry. Ji Nianting a stage set up, two-line booths, Tiaoyan star anise, anise upper back, climb a clay dragon, curly want to fly, life. Kok-side and decorated with statues Zhenhai 8, P Plus gaze, the mighty air. Ridge was eight Falun Center Gourd-shaped. A section of the separation of kiosks and columns, walls of windows open, the image of Tai Chi, Ting Ding Jing Hui. Pavilion of the lower angle, the slope, ridges, eaves cornices are also animals, small hippocampus spinal ranked Lions side, so that the Taiwan Pavilion on the formation of sharp, in yen, below the three-dimensional structure of the peculiar style elegance. San Zhang six-foot-high platform, a symbol of 365 days a year, Xiu-ting eight To the effect that "gossip" meant. At that time, here at the head Liang Tai Chi, Bagua foot, riding cloth gang fight Sky View, Wang Qi Mai, in order to win Jingyi, to appease the southwest, Liu Bei to help complete the great cause of reunification, day and night operations, research strategy, to determine countermeasures. The octagonal pavilion ridge Shui-long, Zhuge Liang is designed for defensive fire. Long the face of 8 eight points of the compass, which side the fire to burn, which will automatically lead to the emission of water, spectacular.

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