Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bowang sloping site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bowang sloping site is located 30 km south-west side County, North negative Funiu Mountain, south of Hidden Hills, West River Hill for this extension of the Funiu Mountain Man Kong, Xian Yao terrain, ancient, "Han Xiang Pass" Tongqu, Su vital importance for the military. Hou has to, for the county to shop for the station for the town. Western Han Dynasty, diplomat, explorer Zhang Qian, twice as ambassador to the Western Regions, the remarkable exploits, was Emperor Yuanshuo in 2006 (123 years ago) called "Hou Bowang" In this connection, select the "broad look" was conveyed. "Bowang" in the name, derived. Legend has it that, here are the three wise when the fire fledgling Bowang slope ancient battlefield.

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