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Luoyang Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang Museum is located in the ancient capital of Luoyang bustling downtown areas Wangchenggongyuan west, China is the best city in Henan Museum and the outstanding patriotism education bases.

Luoyang Museum in May 10, 1985 to set up, more than three decades of history. Museum has a collection of unearthed in Luoyang area of history Your heritage, the display area of 1700 square meters, according to the stage and the history of North Korea
On behalf of the order of several galleries, displays from the 50 million years ago, down to the Ming and Qing dynasties more than 2,000 pieces of cultural relics, many of which are products of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Center, reflects the image of Luoyang economic, political,
Culture and development History. In addition the library also has the "palace of art" exhibit, on display-Royal Empress 400,000. From the beginning of 1982, the Luoyang Museum also held the ancient painting, China
Ancient currency, the Ming and Qing court, and other art exhibitions held outside the Tang court and art tour, as well as to Japan's " States to the ancient capital of Luoyang Jane Room "," Tang Exhibition ", as well as into the
Museum of the line in the second phase of the project to build a heritage of more than 3000 square meters to the Treasury. Luoyang Museum of Luoyang City will be the collection of information on cultural, historical archaeological research, publicity and education of the three centers.

?? ?? Luoyang is the Luoyang Museum One of a comprehensive Museum of History. Luoyang Museum for many years and always adhere to the custody of the collection, education and scientific research combining the collection and give full play to advantages of the organization to operate a variety of integrated or thematic exhibition, an extensive and profound display of the ancient capital of Luoyang's splendid culture. The new "eternal text Minlo Antiques on display "from prehistoric times, during the Xia and Shang, a two-week period, during the Han, Wei and Sui and Tang Dynasties period of five major components, display nearly 1,000 pieces of cultural treasures. Among the exhibits in the area highlighted Wu Wannian before the fossil elephant, painted pottery of the Neolithic period, during the Shang-Zhou Chronology of ritual bronze, painted during the Han, Wei And a movie a hundred figurines, music and dance painting during the Sui and Tang figurines and colorful glaze, different patterns of Tang and so on. One of the Xia Dynasty bronze Grand, the fault of the Warring States period Jinyin Tong Ting, the Northern Wei Dynasty ceramics, Tang Dynasty three-lantern, the three countries can be called Ma Cai treasure.

  Luoyang Museum show focused on the region since the founding of Luoyang Turkey's antiques. It is divided into bronze, ceramics, gold and silver, jade, and other four parts. Yangshao culture from the Neolithic period, until the Ming and Qing Dynasties era under a wide range of items. True, the bronze ceremony, including musical instruments, food, weapons, tools, such as traveling, especially in the Erlitou Culture Grand copper, the royal family of Western Zhou Fang Yi female uncle, Tin Drum volume Spring and Autumn Period of Qi Hou Yu Bao typical. Ceramic is more colorful, painted pottery, black pottery, porcelain original green, lead-glazed pottery, porcelain, and so on, again focused on the ceramics of the ancient capital of Luoyang with a long history of excellence. Display of the Warring States silver hook, the Western Jin Dynasty, "Hu Wang Jin-yi to the" Golden India in the Tang Dynasty, "Roman gold coin," " Adams silver "and" mountains and rivers of the elite, the humanities fine, "treasures such as jade, to a certain extent, reflects the cultural cohesion Jiuzhou Luo, the radiation characteristics of the eight points of the compass.

?? ?? Luoyang Museum, the modern use of a variety of ways to give new vitality to the exhibits, so that the exhibition has a powerful generosity, Qiao elegant style and momentum, represents the ancient capital of the Millennium special historical status. State Administration of Cultural Heritage and won the "1999 National Exhibition of the 10 display of Excellence Awards."

?? ?? give full play to the Luoyang Museum and opened up publicity and education functions, often holding a variety of temporary exhibitions. At the same time out of the The door, one after another went to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Belgium and other countries held an exhibition, the ancient capital of Luoyang splendid ancient culture to the world. Over the years the publication of "Luoyang Tang" and "the essence of Luoyang cultural relics", "hall commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the Collected Works" and other large-scale picture album and album.

?? ?? as the ancient capital Chuan window, Luoyang Museum to display its rich content, beautiful collection of cultural relics, the novel design and display quality of service, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign guests, and state leaders including Li Peng, Hu Jintao, Yang, Song Jian, Li and so on A number of foreign heads of government dignitaries had come to visit Lobo guidance Lobo and achievements fully affirmed and supported.

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