Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wang Zhou City riding the emperor Six Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhou Wang Luoyang Museum is located in the Son of Heaven drive six Wong of the city of Luoyang City Center Square, site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty King City district of the north-east, is a show in order to protect the original site of the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large as the main theme of the museum.
Throughout the museum covers an area of more than 1700 square meters, the exhibition is divided into two. Into the museum door First of all, the eye is the first exhibition. Is divided into four sections, the first capital of Luoyang region and 5 largest contemporary Luoyang mutual relationship between the location of the plate; Second, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Wang overview of the city; Third, the Tomb of the exploration and discovery; four of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty is a precious cultural relics.
After the first exhibition, to the west across the aisle for some, it will enter the first Area, the Eastern Zhou period Juma Keng large area. Here is a display of 2002-2003, the archaeologists discovered the clean-up of 17 Juma Keng 2. One of a north, 42.6 m long, 7.4 meters wide, the size of the Department of domestic rare, and its vertical travel allowance was 2 emissions, like a trip array The scene, is even more exciting. What the people of the world's attention is only a "six-riding", in order to form a clear visual evidence of ancient literature, "the emperor riding six," the account, China is also the only site of a display of the "Son of Heaven six drive" .
Zhou Wang Luoyang City riding the emperor Six Museum, with its heritage of the feed Chen , A spectacular display of real Juma Keng, to show the world the ancient capital of Luoyang City of distant history, splendid culture of the material, she is bound to become the upgrading of urban civilization, the ancient capital of Luoyang, at home and abroad to promote the culture of Luoyang new window.

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