Sunday, February 1, 2009

Read by Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After looking at the Dragon Temple to poke ditch on the north side of Dongshan, Dongshan largest cave. Wu Tang is for the Emperor's cut. The positive holes have built a generation of the two-story brick structure, engraved on the amount of doors "to see Temple as" words. Dong Ding has carved lotus caisson, surrounded by four voluptuous body, the beautiful image of flying. Inside East North and South in the three-wall 1.2 meters high relief on the platform like Ocean's 29, about 1.80 meters in height, have been mutilated, according to legend from the Maha Kassapa Bodhidharma to the 29 territories of the West "founder" The image depicts a nuanced expression, both unity and wealth to the changes caused by a vivid, lifelike, is the goal Images of birds with Ocean's masterpiece.

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