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China Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Garden at home and abroad to collect more than 800 varieties of peony, more than 300 varieties of peony, peony is the national collection of germplasm of the most abundant one of the park.
Hua Mei is a symbol of mankind's natural beauty. Flowers is the purification of the mind, mold the spiritual act. Peony Peony colonization in the region to watch more than 30 million trees, brought together more than 400 varieties of peonies at home and abroad, Yao Huang, Wei purple, red Luoyang, Huolian-saver, makeup Fei-Hung, Yu-white version, Joe II, the top red, green beans, Sheng Dan furnace, Lan Tianyu, ink spreading gold, purple splash-ink, cinnabar Ke Lan, luminous white, lying Dragon Pool Mexico, Yung three changes, the first case of red, pink Zhao, Hu Hong, big-brown-purple, Wang Hong, Dan furnace flame, the ice cover Hongshi, Luo, like Lotus and the Netherlands, Cinnabar base, color-for-Chi Long, Chui Ling Xiao Hua, Silver Jin Lin, Yu Huang gowns, towels, Ge Zi, Yang Fei drunk, and Moyu world crown, coral Taiwan, Royal inserted Tsui, precious stones and other traditional blue Famous, Yongronghuagui do Fragrant; Japanese varieties Huang Hai, the Golden Pavilion, Jindi, seven new Mascot, the White Lion King, and so on; France, and other overseas Alice Golden Flower limelight, show the heroic bearing.

The number of mu peony flowers Yan try to form a flower of the sea, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple spots million for Wing. Die Lian Bee drama, Lung Fung Mo Wang Yang Zi Si, the glory days of video. Fumian spring breeze, sunshine, wind Shui-hee, Heaven and Earth traditional costumes, put itself in the place, Sally is also magic, relaxed and happy people. Laughing all the tourists, fun sudden, lingering affection fishes, and match the flowers in order to spend more than the heart, Dodge praised again and again, not only Fuxiang even Pina, exciting, but also Shu Wai pen: "I only country Peony color, flowering season moving the capital.", "Should know I spend non-World situation, and Seoul can move with a sense of quiet."

There are rare treasures of the Chinese national essence ? ? meters Peony art gallery; Yun Genei country is located in China's largest white marble statue of Ouyang Xiu ? ? Luoyang Peony a day Historical evidence, on display around the more than 20 pieces of contemporary Chinese painting master of fine quality, Chinese and foreign tourists to the system about the Luoyang Peony glorious course of development; wealth building large-scale indoor Inkjet photo, graphic and landscape, the focus of the all-round display of peony culture , Peony technology, application of Peony, Peony, such as art, so that people deep Peony and understanding of the social, political, economic, scientific and cultural development of internal relations.

China Garden in your Tingxie or rest, or Immersi� pond, or Shall We trees, flowers or next to the heart, or stop the foot of a mountain, eating or drinking, playing or plaza, tea or poetry, or Fangge piano tuning, Adventure water down or dance floor Dancer, reward or court drama, you can fully display the style of a gentleman Yayun and the king, and you wake up early's Minds, so that you Qingchunyongzhu longevity 100 years.

For the history of rejuvenation of the national flower,

Go to China Garden.

Wealth Yun-go with you,

Awards do not regret leaving the park.

China Garden is one of the advantages of science and technology advantages. The rapid development of science and technology in today's society, China Garden-based culture, relying on science and technology, in the fierce market competition, always march in the forefront of the international. At present, I have been with the Chinese Garden ASTRI, Shanghai Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shanghai Botanical Garden, Shanghai Fudan University, Beijing Forestry University, and other large-scale scientific research institutes to establish a long-term business relationship, the State "863" Peony scientific test base model I have settled in China Garden, Peony And breeding new varieties of high-tech incubator program being implemented In order to increase research and development efforts of the peony, I park has invested more than 600 million peony for the research and development. And a high salary for more than 10 peony, Paeonia well-known experts and engaged in postdoctoral research and development, my garden is completed, a Chinese Peony Peony research center.
In recent years, in the Peony Fat and production plants in technology and technology-season Forcing have been mature in many places have been put into mass production, a huge economic benefits. Peony due to the natural growth of state is rather special, cut the peony flower and the extension of technology has been very difficult. China Garden now, I have carved a variety of services Difficult, the use of high-tech equipment and technology to realize a peony flower throughout the year can be reality.

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