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Nanyang Travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyang City, Henan Province is located in the south-west, north Funiu Mountain, East Tongbaishan help, according to the West Qinling Mountains, south Han River. 1 dominates the city of 2 10 counties with a total area of 26,600 square kilometers, the population of 10,550,000. Nanyang is a historical and cultural city. As early as in "Nan Zhao man" on the proliferation of interest-bearing here. Warring States period, the National Of the iron center of the Western Han Dynasty when the country will be one of six "are all over the world, no matter they are rich crown" for the Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Guangwu Patrick Lau Sau-rich land, so that "all South ... 'Dixiang." Nanyang has to cultivate and foster a well-known strategy, business saint, "Fan stupid," Division St. "Zhang Heng," medical saint, "Zhang, an outstanding statesman, Liang's family, and other things in the world of the historical figures. In 1948, Chairman Mao Zedong to celebrate the liberation of Nanyang, written under the "Central Plains Nanyang occupation army," a glorious chapter.
Today's Nanyang, is a modern new town. Nanyang City downtown area of built-up area of 40 square kilometers and a population of 43 . The urban environment beautiful, spacious and clean streets and high rise buildings. Beijing Road, Industrial Road, the people of the road, Xinhua Road on the main road, such as methyl vertical staggered, as the road network; Nanyang Hotel. Meixi Hotel, Wanbin Henan Museum, and other types of guests eight points of the compass for the star-level hotels to provide pleasant service; Nanyang shopping centers, commercial buildings Kim Han Feng, Yang buildings such as shopping malls in Asia, to show friends at home and abroad Nanyang Business developed a new chapter. China's best known as the Nanyang gas project, Nissan 400,000 cubic meters of methane to meet the 20,000 residents of gas users. The city's high aesthetic value and cultural relics in the value of a number of 40 a day Cited a large number of foreign visitors.
Nanyang is a "Shuicheng." Nanyang's Mother River - the Trans-Shirakawa Nanyang city, with the May River, Sanlihe, Wen Liang River constitute the city water system, the formation of a "city within a river, the river has a clear head," a unique urban landscape. Nanyang especially the "Bund" was River resort has been built and has three large oak paste Nanyang is a "Green City." Nanyang City, the National Greening Committee has been named as the "Top 10 cities nationwide afforestation," the State Ministry of Construction has been named the "National-the-art urban landscape," the city green coverage rate reached 37.06 percent, 31.2 percent rate of green space In the urban area has formed a park for the park, on the Road to Green Line, green for garden residential area of the park system. The whole city, "the city has forest, the forest floor," Yingying perennial grass, flowers and trees Conglong.
  In 1986 the State Council for the historical and cultural city of Nanyang, Nanyang four, before Wushiwannian Nan Zhao man "and the new stone age site period. Xia and Shang, the ancient monuments all over the world, especially the most famous cultural relics of the Han Dynasty, the distinguished scientist Zhang Heng of the Han Dynasty and medical Zhang was born in St. Nanyang, the legend of the civil Ershibasu, that is, Han Liu Xiu Emperor Guangwu of the 28 major generals will also born in Nanyang. III Period outstanding statesman, military strategist Zhuge Liang Gonggeng here.
  Nanyang relics in the temple waiting arms, medical shrine, site of Wan Cheng, Shan Shan Hall, Fu Sheng Temple, Confucian Temple hall, the only Chinese to preserve the most complete ancient Xian Ya - Ya Neixiang Xian Museum, Nanyang Han Stone Carvings Museum collection of 20 portraits of stone 0 block over, is to study the Han Dynasty painting, sculpture art and economic and social life of the treasure-house. Bodhi Temple in the town level, Nan Zhao Danxia Temple, the Temple Xichuan Hong Yan, Tongbai "Shuilian Dong", as well as historical sites Baotianman, top Taibai National Nature Reserve and the Danjiangkou Reservoir, Yahekou Reservoir, River resort, the old community Ridge The natural landscape and attractive. In 1993, the Nanyang Basin of dinosaur egg fossils found in groups, have been listed as UNESCO's "World Cultural Heritage."
  Nanyang is a great potential to be the continued development of the treasure, Nanyang City, more than 1000 million people sincerely welcome people of all circles at home and abroad to come to tourism Light, invest in commercial trade, a common cause.

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