Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yao Chai shop - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cottage was built in Mangshan Hill above the surrounding non-Shen He is the big ditch the high cliffs rise steeply Zhaiqiang, and the cliff wall of Sierra Leone is also the head wind, Duokou ups and downs. At the same time, allow only two of the Mountain Gate was constructed on the mountain, in front of a deep, steep-side is anomalies, easily defensible. Although Guzhai After 100 years, can still be seen "as Kazuo clearance million Mo open "to the momentum. Part Zhaizhong In addition to the Housing Authority was in good condition, there are not many villagers live, is in many Canyuanduanbi, broken brick tile rotten, humilis problems, more Guzhai backed out of desolation. The movie" Eight Rohan century, "the television series" artists "and" Hurricane Zhongyue "are here to have been recorded on location. Yao-old shop name Stores, like its cottage Luoya Harrier and the top 000. Qianlong Zhongzhou tour that year, went to a special tour to Luoyang Longmen Mountain View, Harrier and the shop is via land. Walled Harrier can shop at this time has been occupied by a few number of brigands and loot, stop at no evil. At the moment, when Chaobu officers and soldiers, or hide in mountain fastness, Zhaimen closed; or the attack was a bit tight, Mangshan escape while on the mountain, Chao Bu failed several times, Guan Jia also had to stop doing. Qianlong of the smell, with the guards of honor is charged with pretending to deliberate on the publicity from Guan Dao Harrier through stores, overtly or covertly, has left a crack team set aside, buried in the ravine, when the three-shift, surprise surrounded the cottage. In the officers and men with the help of villagers stormed the stockade, Were all criminals. Qianlong Harrier shop will be renamed the "Yao-shop" always-wai Wong to show honor.

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