Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tian Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianchi Mountain Forest Park in Henan Province is located in Song County in the northwest, away from the ancient capital of Luoyang only 98 km, 4 million mu of habitat and scenic areas in the growth of the 184 kinds of wild animals, more than 1,800 plant species, the forest coverage rate as high as 98.57 percent, the average annual precipitation 812 Mm, the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius year, the main peak of Wang Mang 1859.6 meters above sea level, the scenic road gentle, safe and comfortable, easy to visit, the land of the Central Plains is a unique style of a tourist destination. Scenic mountain range upon range of hills with overlapping peaks, valleys Shen Jian, lush forests, such as shade cover, such as washing Shijie, such as clear-filter, in order to Tianchi Lake, River Lady, Jiro groove, as represented by Fei Bao Tam landscape; coming to Stone, Stone Eagle, Gap Qingshi, Rufeng group, represented by rabbit peak Xian-feng landscape stones; to forests, rhododendron, Metasequoia, as represented by larch forest landscape, with the spring azalea, summer Peony, red leaves in autumn, winter fog for the song on behalf of the phenology of the landscape to Wang Mang removed when Liu Xiu combat troops in this big , Xiaozhaizigou ruins, Buddhist temple of the Tang Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn period for the King of Korea on behalf of the human landscape. Scenic water, stone, forest, four human tourist routes, scenic spots throughout the mountains, rock, water, forests, flowers, grass and integration. Kwok-hung, dangerous, extraordinary show, You add radiance to each other. Tam a two-step, a three-step waterfall, King Wu Buyi, see Flowers in full bloom, listen to the BUZZ spring. One place, as if the world outside the Court cents.

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