Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yang Sha Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sha Yang Cheng Guan County water park is located on the eastern side of the South, with the square across the river, the National Highway 205 to fall back on the park at the entrance and had to cross. Yang Sha Park County is a county party committee and government in the mid-1990s, relying on national transformation of the plane built by the City Park, covers an area of 1212 mu, building by the Beijing Institute of Technology and Professor of School Planning and Design experts. Park is divided into 10 functional areas, is a set of fitness, entertainment, leisure, sports into one comprehensive amusement park. December 8, 1997, the Chinese snack County Cultural Festival, Sha Yang visitors to the park officially opened. Yang Sha Park is a European-style park, Permeability, the elegant Hong Kuo, the financial mountain, forest, water, flowers, grass, as well as sculpture, music, a fountain in the oven, with its winding streets of the Chinese classical gardens, Shuixie Pavilion, Lou Chuang The rockery, the different items. Standing on the square, looking ahead, a wide lawn, clean the channel, dotted with palm Washington, Livistona, and so on a wooden horse Gua More than 0 kinds of tropical and sub-tropical flowers and trees of rare, evaded as a flicker of grace. Set in the Music Center Plaza fountain program, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters of the country TELA 2 open-air dance platform in the park, as well as more than 200 Guangchang Ge, even more European style, so that visitors view more far more open-minded. Canton park Is to connect the hub of the entire park area from the right side of the Plaza (North), followed by scenic spots around the district have Entertainment, Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, Forest Beach, Lake Heart Island, Villa leisure, fishing barbecue areas, all attractions, such as youth

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