Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yuhua hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the county seat Lok 5 km southeast of days down the mountain stage, as a result of the rock inside the cave, bright and clean as jade, named after the Huaguang in all directions, the province is the largest limestone cave. The second batch of provincial-level scenic spots. All-hole total of about 6 km, there are two channels, by the possession of Wo-dong, dong Thunder, fruit-dong, Dong Wong, Kai-source, such as Baekundong 6 Support holes and Shiquan, Jing-quan, such as 3 Lingquan 1-3 meters wide, deep knee is not a small component of Yin River. Winding path inside the cave, "Qionglouyuyu" and "thirst for water dragon", "Shu Se in the air", "Penglai Pinnacle", "Eagle independence," "Tears Fengpiao candle," and so on more than 180 King, and the dissolution of limestone Cheng, "Tian immortal", "Alchemy stove", "Lai Chi-chu," and "sea Cang Long" and "Boy worship Guanyin," the most realistic image. Import "a wind", not wind, and exports are "Wu Geng days", people can experience the dark to light by the scenery. Since 1987, ongoing renovation, the event slope Stone, frame bridge over the river, the main viewing gentle Department spacious and equipped with lighting lanterns lining King. Yuhua in the early Han-dong was found after the swim and disappeared constantly. Yang Song Dynasty, Li Gang, etc. You have Cidong. Xu Yu-ming after Cidong "with Philip Rose Qi, Qiao-hyun for odd, quiet all over the Austrian" a decent, respectable man. Import and Export Department at rock-dong Song has left many of the stone Cliff. Wanli Ming (1573 ~ 1619), Liao Yu-Hua Dong Jiufeng for Local Records Volume 7, the Qing Emperor Kangxi period (1662 ~ 1722) Yun Liao Yi Ren Friends of the rehabilitation of "Yu-Hua Dong Zhi." Hole from more than 1 km of the village, there is a 1-meter diameter circle of wells, small yin The water poured out of this, the water was plum-shaped, triumphantly one after another, named "Plum well." There are cement road leading directly to the hole, an opening placed at the bronze statue of Xu, also has a house beat, the world's animal specimens museum, the lotus pond, and other facilities to visit.

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