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L. - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian Lake is the state's key scenic area, located in northwest Fujian Taining County. Lake is renowned for its vast scenery of deep lakes, thousands of Danxia landform and a good ecological environment is world renowned, Danya Avon, streams linger; Min Yue Yi Yun's ancient culture, local folk legend of romance; landscape and the human phase Agitation Hushan known as the best in the world.

  Lake scenic area with a total area of 136 square kilometers, a major scenic Lake, on the stream, and the first Shang-feng, such as Emei. Lake is the main scenic spots, Huguangshanse, Kongkuoqixiu, Maoer Shan, Gan Lusi, three Jianfeng, maze Valley, the snow mountain stream, water - King, and so on must-day line. In addition, the stream on bamboo no danger of drifting landscape, the national key cultural unit Shang Ming Dynasty section of the exquisite art as well as residential construction Emeishan magnificent sunrise, sea of clouds, and Lin Tao alpine meadow, people are away. Lake home and abroad is the most unique and attractive tourist destination one. The summer of 1980, the State Jinxi in the game machines on the construction of the beach Um Lo Chi Tan Hydropower Station, which Taining County in the formation of a vast artificial Great Lakes - Lake. Cheng Yuan Lake as a whole arc, like a crescent from northeast to southwest, and southeast of folding, the capacity of 870,000,000 cubic At present, Fujian Province, the largest fruit of the artificial lake. Lake pleasant climate, warm winter and cool summer, autumn Nuan cool, pleasant seasons.

  Lake in 1987 was classified as provincial-level scenic spots, in January 1994 was promoted to national key scenic spots. Danshan is the clean water and scenic Lake constitute the two main elements: Hill-hung Yi, water Qingli elegant; with just a gentle relief phase, the Bold and Subtle each other. That is rare at home and abroad light Danxia landform and the vast lake that combines scenic Lake District's unique style. Yi Qi hundred thousand of those Akaishi the group, known as the geology in Danxia landform, many cliffs, ravines longitudinal mode, the top day-li , Heng Kong born, and do not fall back on, there are huge stretches several kilometers of Red Cliff, like a very large red screen. Invagination often steep for Yan Xue, Zhangzhou River into Feipu down from time to time. Lake backed the magnificent peaks, with peak contrast of the deep water, each other, put it in the vicinity of the natural scenery and even the human landscape into a To Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, stone the United States, Yi-feng "five no" as the characteristics of famous inside and outside the province.


  Scenic Lake is rich in resources, can be summed up as 72-feng, 36 Rock, the 18-hole, 5-chuen, 2 of the waterfall scenic spots; a total of 189 scenic spots, 49 scenic spots. It may Wuyi such as the Lijiang River, Comparable with the West Lake, Guilin, to compete with the show; as much as its landscape, the area is so broad, as few other places.

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