Saturday, December 13, 2008

Couples peak ?? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Isolated rock, looks like a pair of lovers is full of tenderness Mi Yi, aware that certain they Zhongchang close together, next to a child. Overall, this scene is like a photograph of the whole family photos. This is the peak lovers. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor had a brother-called Happy, he and the Queen Mother of a maid in love To the elopement earth, in this beautiful place to settle down, but also gave birth to a beautiful little girl. And found that the Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother of the matter, very angry, and sent soldiers to grasp them back to the days of heaven. These days, soldiers will know that the Jade Emperor, and Happy-Shouzuqingshen Moreover, he saw the couple cultivated men and women weave, love and happiness Please be the Jade Emperor show mercy. To test the Jade Emperor, this woman's intelligence. Xia Fan, he personally saw the maid was extraordinary beauty, it is up to its own right, right maid, said: "You look at me - a Broom, Long-ridden body Longfei action;" maid smiled and replied immediately: "I look at you - a phoenix head, riding a phoenix head, shake head Dance. "Is to go against their own, and not lose momentum in the Jade Emperor. After listening to the Jade Emperor, very satisfied, it is an exception Enzhun them to stay in the world.

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