Saturday, December 13, 2008

Park County, the ancient customs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lang Ancient County Town of the county in the eastern outskirts of the village located in the County with a total area of 4 square kilometers, the forest area of 5253 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 85%. Ancient County has a long history, Renjiediling ancient Shanqingshuixiu County peninsula, is a beautiful area. With a mountain, surrounded on three sides by water. So far none of the sources of pollution on the island. "Eight Sha Yang," one of the Stratospheric ten "around the island and, at first to open the river, with an average 500 meters wide river. River clear as a mirror, called a water Min Qi! Boating Song Yong Li Gang said:" alleviate the stratosphere see green fish, if silent ten drawing, but the Road Tai Shi was love, not for the sweat stained from Yu. "Scenic peninsula with the large number of beautiful legends. Of days , Office of the ancient county in the northwest side of the peak-day, 350 meters above sea level, the mountain road Abduction turn 28, 28, it is commonly known as Qu Ming Jiajingnianjian sexual peak production days Um, first developed for the County 28 Qu Scenic Area; En cemetery in the ancient county Hua Shan Tong on the left side of the river, beneath a headstone carved a positive public En owner couple sit - As the body; Cheng Creek Reservoir 4 km away from the main village, covers an area of 50 acres, the storage capacity 220,000 cubic meters, the lake with a beautiful environment, the lake overflow level, is not clear for a long time drought, floods Jiuyu not surrounded by old trees tall and straight pines, Huguangshanse, become delicate and pretty attractive; big hole on the occasion Falls, located in the territory of the River Formation and Shuizhu falls into a pool area 2 acres, is a natural bath; County, the ancient Temple and the Millennium Gurong, the temple was built in 201 BC, the temple construction Qiaojiao cornices, Diaolianghuadong, green glazed tile Hong Zhu, the magnificent, in particular the Millennium Gurong 2, Was icing on the cake, which a tube diameter 11.5 meters. Another strain of tube diameter 9.8 meters, 96 Legislative departments have been "valuable and old trees in Fujian", focusing on protection.

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