Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yu Yin Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West County is located in Chengguan outside, sitting south, is a man-made after the ritual from the Luo Yan and built in the Yuan Dynasty was founded in the first year of positive (in 1314), the existing building for six years Chongzhen the Ming Dynasty (1633) reconstruction, 1993 Luo Yan to open from Memorial Hall. Yu Yin Temple of the total plane was convex shape, layout approximation Courtyard. In the central axis followed by house doors, halls, yards (courtyard), Gallery on both sides of the veranda. Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for the hall, Miankuo 3, set-top caisson. On both sides of the gable, eaves after the block wall of water. From the overall shape and structure of the building, Sanming region is now in the village hall building a higher level, the higher calendar , Scientific and artistic value.

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