Monday, January 5, 2009

Yokoyama field - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yokoyama Danya field at the west side, 2.5 km from the city of Penglai, which is located in the Bohai Strait side of the College, also known as "Cape Dengzhou"; and at its very northern end of Shandong Peninsula, it is also known as the northern old. Built a lighthouse there in the mountains, with Tieshan Lushunkou old lighthouse is to connect the yellow line Bohai Sea II, it has a "sub-mountain Sea, "the unique geographical status. Yokoyama field 72 meters above sea level, south-east and Hill Dan Ya associate, was also red rocks red, Sinian an iron quartzite. Too have the same" water Bishan red "Danya characteristics of the landscape. East, North, west of the steep cliff, drawing thousands of Ren Hai, the situation is really difficult. Sanin because of the waves washed, stone-breaking rock , The scale rocks Xun, uncanny workmanship, and different patterns, Stone Waterworld, Wo Niu Shi Shi, and so on, then put on the Mountain Haikuo Tian Lan Sheng, the vast sea and sky, the days of mighty wind, collected mountains of victory. Standing still lean on a railing and watch the sea Kikunami, this Sigu ask, do not have some fun. Tian Qin did not Yokoyama for the King of Qi as depicted Tianheng troops, as a result of the name to. And Qing dynasties with Fort, the Eighth Route Army during the War of Resistance Against Japan has been hit by Tubao with this ship date, there are relics. In 1987, Yokoyama fields into tourist park, a zoo in 1989, after the construction of the sea one after another tourist passenger ropeway, a hundred Shrine, live ammunition shooting range, laser shooting City, thrilling entertainment city, Zhou theater, and other attractions.

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