Monday, January 5, 2009

Ssangyong Great Rift Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bus lines: North Shanting Qu Zhen Xiong's ear Shanxi Lu ticket offer: 18 yuan Note: Shanting Qu Town of North Shanxi Lu Xiong ear attractions: the Great Rift Valley Ssangyong natural scenic spot under the North Town area, to fall back on in 70 Yimeng Gushan two of the first national forest park - Bao Dugu Bear in the western area of the ears in the mountains, the Great Rift Valley set Ssangyong, the cave groups, Huanglong Dongfu, cliffs Long grasp, Peony Um, Journey hole, Longquan, and other natural landscape into one, is a unique to the province, the only national, independent Characteristics of karst geological features of the natural wonders. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley Scenic natural geographical location, favorable natural conditions A variety of forest vegetation is rich in resources, transportation, communication is very convenient, the National Highway 104 west, the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, Xuzhou Guanyin and the Beijing-Shanghai Railway International Airport, near East Lianyungang and Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Hong Kong Shijiu, date (Zhuang) fee ( County) Highway, Bo (Hill) Xu (state) highway wear and Habitat, the beautiful natural environment Pleasant scenery, unique natural advantages as well as geographical advantages. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley is located on the south side of Shanxi Lu Xiong ear, is a unique country, unique geological features of the karst landscape. Rift Valley from west to east with up to 600 meters from south to north 300 meters, 40 meters high on average, criss-crossing, wonderful change, from time to time Days to avoid, and sometimes ran open register, winding paths, winding streets, dependent Dongtian, Cuoluoyouzhi as if Street Promenade days, the steep cliffs on both sides, stand like a wall a thousand Ren, between the cliffs around the stalactite. Maximum width of 10 meters, the narrowest point Rongren only on their sides and over. Yunufeng in the Rift Valley, Yu-zhu tower, tower mushrooms, flying stone Yi Xiantian, flying waterfalls, the day Street corridor, and other natural scenery, stunning. There is indeed a hole hole hole hole there, the hole-set, even the hole-hole, do not have a view, with a magnificent view. It also found that internal hard objects, is a unique natural tourism resources. Ssangyong Great Rift Valley is really a natural scenic mountains, and even Ups and downs; magnificent, magnificent; Shen Jian large sink, Shanqingshuixiu, Jade, the nature of this distinguished sculptor representing a display of magic, so that the landscape XIONGERSHAN Lin Shi magical good luck, this exposure to the Xiusekecan Kai King, to listen to BUZZ to the sound of spring water, it is tempting to mountain flowers, fresh and cool to suck the Wild atmosphere, to see the magic of the natural landscape, in order to give people the feeling of return to nature. It is tourism, Hiking, leisure, entertainment and an ideal place to go. Special Bao Dugu National Forest Park located in Zaozhuang City, 20 km north-east, where rolling hills can not, many in the first peak, from west to east to form a natural barrier Large areas of forest cover, the main tree species for the war of resistance ... ... Initially, Li Tsung-jen patriotic general of the Chinese armed forces command in person, Taierzhuang in the region and the Japanese invaders engaged in a fierce battle to win the war. Taierzhuang World War II Memorial is listed as "national patriotism education bases," ... ...

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