Monday, January 5, 2009

Luoshan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoshan National Forest Park is 92 years by the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of a national forest park in 2001 by the National Tourism Administration approval for the AA-level scenic spots, with a total area of 15,000 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 91%, more than 1000 kinds of plant resources , More than 80 kinds of wildlife resources. Inner area Overlapping peaks, spit-Fei Bao, towering old trees, rocks farms legislation, the solemn ancient temples. Fill the fields of rhododendron in the spring, in full swing; in the summer of gurgling streams, Jade; in the fall of green leaves, red leaves Cucu, wild fruit covered with branches; snowy winter, very spectacular, spring, summer, autumn and winter tourism resorts is the Miao Jing One. There are scenic Maogong Hill, Lotus Po basin, waterfalls, turtles Lake View, Oxygen Bar forests and other natural landscape, Guan Bao Ge, double-Yi Ting, recorded imperial dynasties and so on, as well as cultural Xiang-ji, the Temple weeks, and other historical and cultural monuments, Wolf-drive pillars, Tun Run-top, eyes, and so magical and beautiful rock legend tourists mysterious, pleasant nostalgia Zhaoyuan enjoy the "downtown Chinese" reputation, the visitors came to the town of gold, gold did not see the wind is a major event. "Golden tourism" in China is still blank, Luoshan National Forest Park Service is spending huge sums to develop a historical gold mining holes, the construction of a hall of gold, combined with gold ore dressing plant will be long Introduction of the "forest tour, the Golden Dream" features excellent tourist routes. For visitors to fully understand the processing of gold by mining, smelting and so on a series of production processes, so that you really do a recovery Jin, found a piece of gold ore, a round golden dream ... mt national forest park filled with all staff to the warm, high-quality The arrival of services to meet you!

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