Monday, January 5, 2009

Joe nine scenic cliff - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Joe cliffs nine counties located in Long Island, because of the high and steep cliff and got its name. Cliff park IX proclaimed the total area of 3000 square meters, set spots mountains, sea, islands, reefs, cliffs, beaches, Bay, hole in one monument, into odd-hung, the show, the United States, insurance, in one corner of God, development The main attractions are: July 1 , That the tunnel Pearl; Bay II, that is, Pearl Bay, gull-winged Bay; three cliffs, that is, the stone cliffs, cliffs ten feet nine, set-long cliff; four, that is, the viewing platform, fishing and Taiwan, dresser, will be Taiwan; five Hole, that is, three holes, Lvzu hole, hole Xian Gu, Jing-dong shrimp, seven-dong; Reef, that is, Xianglu Jiao, Pearl Reef, the threshold of the reef, the reef warship, the giant reef, reef Wolong; seven stone, that is, nine Dieshi, crystal stone, stone and longevity, the ghost God stone, stone chessboard, Capriccio stone, three stone jump. In recent years, Cliff park IX proclaimed King added one - Underwater World, Underwater World erected in front of a 12 m high statue of Guanyin water, there is Erlongxizhu exit the statue, there are Niangniang Temple, Dian Long, poly-dong, the wizard Cave, Pearl Temple, the holy water of six Longtan King, the tall transparent glass, Stocking a Long Island waters of the live marine life people have a sense of feeling into the seabed.

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