Monday, January 5, 2009

Weishan Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The sun is going down-hill to the west, Weishan Lake on a quiet, I loved the soil up pipa, touching songs that sing ... ..." as a result of the film "Railway guerrilla" and the famous Weishanhu at Jining City, Shandong Province Weishan Xian, 150 km long from north to south, east 6-20 km wide, from micro-Hill, Zhaoyang, Dushan Nanyang four lakes connected to each other, it has been satisfied for Lu, Su, Anhui, Henan Province, four of the eight areas of water, more than 40 lakes in the convergence of the river, forming the largest fresh water lake in northern China.

  Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the entire north-south lakes, has been able to navigation. Micro-Island Lake is the first Island, many cultural sites, there is the territory of sub-micro-Yan Zhou tombs, the Tomb of the early Han Liang, head Yi Tomb of the Spring and Autumn Period, V Ling-yi (Temple), Temple Road, Zhong Zi, Stephen Luk, Stephen of Our Lady of the temple, as well as a large number of pavilions, stone Bricks, Han Dynasty stone monument, and so on, and railway for the guerrillas who cherish the memory of the monument, archaeological and high value Transport: From the north of Xuzhou, in 104 countries Tong Road, Lake Station (5:40-16:40, 22 classes a day, 40-minute ride fares by 5 million), up to three rounds of motor Weishanhu terminal, and then by Island on the ferry. Qufu from the south, first by car to the city of Weishan Xian (eight per day, Hour, 18 yuan fare) and then to the micro-car terminals Lake (a half hour's drive fares 4 yuan), on the island by ferry (1.5 yuan /person). By the Beijing-Shanghai railway station in West Zaozhuang (Xuecheng) get off, and then 20 minutes by car (2 million) transfer to the Weishan Xian, the micro-to-do shipping. Accommodation:

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