Monday, January 5, 2009

Yantai farmers Boyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yantai, China Agricultural Science and Technology Exposition Garden ( "China Yantai farmers Bo Yuan") is the establishment of Yantai, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the imposition of a "tourism in agricultural science and technology" as the main line of the AAA national-level agricultural sightseeing spots, May 1, 2002 official Open to visitors. Agro-Bo Yuan to promote agricultural science and technology, eco-tourism, Leisure entertainment and popular science education in one, Fiscal Bureau on tour, teaching at the Yu Yu, Yu willing to travel. Park as a whole can be summed up as exotic fruits and vegetables, flowers in the world, Grand View agricultural, eco-tourism. Bo Yuan farmers is "a model of popular science bases in rural areas throughout the country", "young people in Yantai City of popular science education base", "advanced the work of Yantai Tourism Body. "

Yantai, China covers an area of 120 hectares of agricultural Boyuan. Investment is now more than 2,000 yuan. Park throughout the planning and construction of scenic spots include: rare fruit garden, the desert oasis garden, garden vegetables, three-dimensional soilless culture, high-grade flower garden, the Garden State in the world, tropical fruit garden, fruit garden in the north, drugs Consumption of botanical gardens, orchards and Tourism, children's entertainment park, museum of popular science education, biological tissue, such as the Center display, but also has a capacity of 400 people dining restaurant, barbecue garden, first-aid centers, tourist service centers, residential centers to receive Ancillary services.

  Between the area in order to quiet Spent Gallery, eco-hedge interest King connected with the formation of agricultural science and technology, eco-tourism, education, science, tourism, holiday into a unique tourist attractions. "National Model Base of rural popular science" and "national agricultural tourism demonstration" and "Yantai young science education base."

Huan You entered the agricultural Boyuan, "xian JING eco-tour to explore the mysteries of Agricultural Science"!

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