Monday, January 5, 2009

Tengzhou Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tengzhou Museum, formerly known as Tengxian Museum, located on the first northbound good country, is a large antique building, with a total building area 5700 square meters, of which six-storey exhibition hall, about 2400 square meters; a total of 9 display Office. Office hours order, Shangzhouwenhua Office, the Office of ancient coins, ancient bronze mirrors, pottery, etc. Paintings. Tengzhou Brunei Museum More than 10,000 pieces, including bowls, pots, bowls, ceramic pots and so on; Blade, sickle, grinding stone, and so on; sharp, dart, hoeing, cutting, such as bone needles, the angle, teeth, fully reflects the "culture of the North Xin" Characteristics. Among the many collections of cultural relics, bronze accounted for one-third of the total reserves. Teng Hou Ding, Gui Teng Gong, Li Teng Gong Hou-Teng, Hou Teng Yu Ge, Teng Huang, and other bells with a large number of feudal characteristics of the country's treasures have been approved for the objects.

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