Monday, January 5, 2009

Penglai of the 10 scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Penglai of the 10 scenic spots, famous through the ages, the enchanting magic, world famous. Xiange the air: Penglai Pavilion squat space Danya very top, under its steep cliff, hanging upside down on top of the blue. Every time line for a sail around the clouds, Yuan Wang Rulin of high-altitude, Huangruo fairy palace; visitors stay on the Court, at the foot of Danjue Yunyan floating, not days, a Vacant, the excellent scenery. Mirage: the spring and summer, the sea was calm, Penglai in the North Sea can be seen occasionally surface ship or Toyama city of reflect direct or reflected pavilion space, Piaomiao unreal, unpredictable, this phenomenon referred to as a mirage, can be called wonders. Yu Liang fishing song: Shun Penglai Pavilion after the West to the beach, a Reef rocks, such as Alice Yue, Yu Liang fine-sounding name. Deep and calm waters, here is a good place for fishing. March 5 when his old man fishing, a fish and cooking Jushui, Zuojiu peace of mind, music and a song, one Tiandanqingyun, Yu Liang Song for fishing. Sunrise Publishing: refers to the sun from the east. Penglai Pavilion Junqiao terrain, in this Sunrise unique style view, the ancients said: "The beginning of the day, the deep red color, such as cinnabar, Yi Er, the red flame," and "for a long time, the round red poured out" and "fillip from the sea and Shuchi, the big If the mirror, its color, say, carry on. "Crescent evening tide: The weather was fine and calm night, Gordon House to watch the rising moon, the sea Lin Lin Jin Bo, the group made off with gull , Magic wonderful mood. Cheng Bo Miles: The current wave of the sea of static, wind and day-Li, Yuan Wang Teng-ko, wave-like mirror. It praised Yang Shuo home microwave fixed, a sea of 10,000 ares Pitt: "Human organs can be all washed clean of." Hoh million Abas: Court after the screen, such as cliff, do under the rubble, as the waves The attack The long sleek, smooth and lovely color differences, such as the shape Abas, the name Abas Stone, volume, so as to describe the hoh million. Sushi has poetic sequence said: "The tide down every time, Abas shop shore, according to a brighter, until winding things, not the end. Jinbo Tong Jing: East Pavilion San Shili missed days off rocks, a natural Ishii, testing the waters to go down, If the sound of a bronze bell, the fine-sounding name Tong Jing (Tsing Yi Yun as a result of well-head if the copper color named). Only when the tide is down, the salty taste of sea water, well water and this alone Gan, got its name because "with Tong Jing Ling." Every night next month, reflect the moonlight well, especially scenery, it is also known as "Jin Bo Tong Jing." Lions smoke hole: Penglai Pavilion after the cliff, a natural Tung, Fairy Cave fine-sounding name. As a result of a huge hole, crouch like a lion, the lion, also known as holes. Rain will be days when there is fog escape hole, Zhuangruoqingsha, Danya wind around the mountain, it is referred to as "smoke-lion." Run-day drops of leakage: East Pavilion San Shili Youlou days seaside rock, rock flying under review, pore over, such as water droplets 4:00 leakage Sight.

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