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Since the park-yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

If the landscape in Guilin is the nature of art good fortune, Guilin, Yangshuo between the self-yu human sculpture park is the art of concentration camps. Since Yu Guilin and Yangshuo park is located between the large mountain Yan Bu Xiang (32 km from Yangshuo), is a contemporary sculpture and art cave-oriented large-scale landscape art park. Park display over the years by the world's top sculptor created a large number of works inspired by the profound human, wise and performance art to the natural landscape around the weld on a thick plate of culture, arts and humanities spirit of the natural complement each other, reflect each other so that each Into a person here can not help but By the art of shock, it is thought, or is to lift the spirits. After many years of great concentration, creativity, self-yu park building the first phase of the park covers an area of about 900 mu (accounting for one-tenth of all construction projects) of the main content of the tour are as follows:

Teresa Teng Music Garden:
  Song of the generation after the death of Teresa Teng had been 10 weeks , But she's sweet voice has an unforgettable one. Teng Teng Foundation decided to move to the music garden beautiful scenery from the park-yu, so that more fans to understand her life, music garden to be completed, Teng's legacy will be permanently stored in the music garden.
  Teresa Teng music garden of the main building Triangular, with the construction of a positive for fans and friends of the memorial statue to present flowers and Hua Chi, 30 cents a positive manner, the planting of purple flowers, like Teresa Teng, also used black and white marble cut and polish the giant piano keys, when people stand on any Button, there will be Teng's voice sounded ... ... placed in the hall, Teng different periods of photos, clothing, cosmetics, as well as jewelry, cars and so on relics.

Kalahari melon several of the world:
  Jimmy works popular in the world, but not in kind three-dimensional, self-yu park for children increased by smart expansion of the area for several Kalahari melon in the world, it will be a three-dimensional works of a few meters ! Those lovely and meaningful "why" will be hung in trees to climb the wall, on the windows, large and small, so that the lives of people in search of wisdom and reason, it is a very interesting idea!
Sculpture area:
  Display area of 47 countries from 135 artists For the two different styles of more than 100 pieces of sculpture, these works into the Han Chinese traditional aesthetics and the essence of Western culture, and embraced the natural landscape is very value of the assets of the art. They observe, you will understand what is to the human spirit, what is the creation of human beings.
International Arts Center: Yu park from the International Arts Center, staggered to overlap the unique appearance, the vivid reproduction of the unique range upon range of hills in Guilin Pinnacle. Arts Center brings together the world famous treasures, the exhibition hall set up professional-class audio-visual equipment and conference room.

Creative Arts Center:
  Creation Center, set up ceramics, prints, plastic copper Stone carving, wood carving and other studios, a senior artist with lively and interesting creative presentation, and then here you can experience together with the creative artists, most talented individuals to demonstrate competence.
  Ceramic art: pottery clay, modeling tools and guidance teachers, tourist products available for commemoration; creative print The provision of the brush, paint, paper, and other materials, finished products available for tourists to commemorate. Painted stones, pineal: brushes, paint, rocks, pine, and other materials, finished products available for tourists to commemorate; T shirt painting: brushes, paint, and other materials, T shirt to be tourists to buy their own; kites: kite from Town -- Shandong's Weifang kites up to more than 100 varieties, ranging from 15-50 yuan, free brushes and paints for drawing visitors can purchase products directly to flying; lanterns, Hedeng: self-production, painting, free brushes, paint .
  A water Li: By the light of changes in the levels of underwater world The ever-changing impact of the waves through the water trough Yan, showing a fairyland-like maya blurred.
  Maze landscape: the hedge, small trees to build the maze, strange shape and full of change, cyclotron The fun; in the development of intelligence, to explore a way out of the visitors at the same time enhancing the ecological awareness of environmental protection.
  The only Cave Art of the ball: (construction) is a blind cave art from the park's most unique art projects, including cave art, history, caves, cave art galleries, the whole project took 30 years in the hope that the show caves colorful art, contemporary left The unique artistic style.
  Since the park-yu, you should be using Hope to experience nature and experience new art.

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