Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Ruofei former residence is located in Anshun city, North Avenue Road on the eastern side of the middle. China's older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Wang was born and lived. Former Residence was built in the Qing Dynasty, Wang great-grandfather built, opening in 1982. Former Residence of the street, Road into North Korea through the door into the courtyard, paved with square stone floor, Stone flower beds, a fish pond, and so on, for housing construction Qingwa small wooden structure, with residential-style Qing Dynasty. Most of the existing furniture and in-kind Ruofei a young age in Japan, France to study when the activities of the information revolution, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai and other leaders to work with the photos, manuscripts communications, Chongqing negotiations clothing worn by After the death of the central leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the eulogy, some KMT officials, generals, patriotic, democratic inscription celebrities, and the elegiac couplet Wang's books, publications and so on.
Former residence of Wang as a "national demonstration bases for patriotism education."

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