Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dah Sing Tak-day falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De-day falls at the Sino-Vietnamese border of the Spring River upstream from the Sino-Vietnamese border, 53 Monument about 50 meters away from Daxin county seat 66 kilometers from the city of Nanning, the capital of the autonomous region, about 208 km. The main waterfall and 100 meters wide, 60 meters in depth, 70 meters gap with the board about Vietnam falls together, falls wide of the total 208 , Is Southeast Asia's largest cross-border natural waterfall, the world's second-largest transnational waterfall. Do not dry year-round water falls, falls around the towering old trees, flowers and shade. De scenic waterfalls days after several years of construction, set to form the food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment for the whole of the tourist facilities, a large number of tourists come here especially, has become a journey Resort.

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