Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yan Feng fish - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Abundance of fish is a rock garden at the provincial level tourist resort of the main part of the underground river as a result of the oil-rich abundance of fish named after, known as "a perforated nine mountain, the world must Miao Jing" reputation, as the "Asia-first" . The whole rock fish abundance 7.1 kilometers, has the world's other tourist caves unmatched by the four major characteristics: first, "Lu Water, air, "a combination of route tour. The first is viewing the land 2 km, followed by the boat, pay homage to 3.3 kilometers, the last train to sit in the air overhead view of rural scenery 1.8 km, the new layout. Second, the cross-strait underground river rafting dazzling landscape, is The world's most unique and for a boat trip up the dark underground . Third, the abundance of fish even the rock hall of the Office of dozens of small, with an area of 25,500 square meters, 46 meters up to the central, densely magnificent stalactites, the world's most generous Dongting unique. Fourth, in the Dongting have an up to 9.8 meters, while only 14 centimeters in diameter stalagmite, up and down the size of a basic , Is the world's drop stone cave stalagmite in the category of extremely rare in the world can be a way. According to experts, these caves feature of a conclusion: "The abundance of fish is a world-class rock cave tourism." Traffic: first by bus from Guilin to Lipu, air-conditioned fast direct access to the class 15 yuan /person, an ordinary train 13 yuan /person, about Hour trip, arrived in Lipu, by direct light rock abundance of fish, about 40 minutes or so, the fares by 5 yuan, or rent the minibus to the area. END can also visit Yangshuo, in Guilin to Yangshuo Lipu station by the shuttle bus fare by about 5 yuan /person, and then Ibid. Admission: 60 yuan

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