Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yulong Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longqiao also known as back in Yangshuo County town of White Sands, the Yulong He Yulong Village. Yulong He is a beautiful river, in particular, the following Yulong Qiao, to Campbell River and the confluence of Heshan Eguchi. About 12 meters do this, the towering peaks overlap, the scattered villages, you can watch the Yulong Qiao, rhinoceros Mochizuki, Guzhai mountains, in the city just left , The legislation refers to the mountain, double crossing, horse, and so on the air scenery sites, Yangshuo is another scenic nirvana. 10-year Yulong Qiao Ming Yongle (1412), Hong single-arch stone bridge, be wrong stone arch camber sewing, dry block. Bridge, 36 meters long, 4.2 meters wide and 9 meters high, the momentum grand style, aesthetic simplicity, the very people Characteristics, Guangxi is the name in the history of the bridge. Li deck there are pieces of the Anti-Japanese War Victory Monument l, the villagers themselves on their own record in 1944 with dozens of days of fierce fighting the Japanese won the facts.

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