Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tiantai Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingba county in southwest Yunnan-Guizhou 13 km road on the right side of 2 kilometers. Hill, "more than ten feet high," and "the creation of Kennedy Space", only to the south from rising, thick forests thick, dense shading Road. West, North, East are cliffs on three sides Gou Mountain rock. Also around the "cutting of the stone, and high mountain." According to the Qing dynasty, "Anping County and expanding references to the" travel day Hill recorded ": Wanli next 18 years (1590)," Monk Baiyun Zhuoxi mountains here, "Jiansi Peak. Li Kangxi, Jiaqing, three generations of the Upgrading light, "building housing several layers down calendar mixed", "even through the Housing group, under the high, even if the city." Pei Xiu is the last full in 1937. The existing main building, Including the permitted large, side hall in a palace HS, Wei Tuo Temple, the Yu Huangge, Patriarch Palace, and Canon floor tower; construction subsidiary has Leaf-ting, Taiwan Mochizuki, the day Street, the Mountain Gate of St. Paul, and so on. Peak use on a very narrow space to build so many temples halls, pavilions, in Guizhou Plateau is rare. In the mountains of the existing generation as a result of Moldova Such as ginkgo old trees on the right side of the mountain "in the Grand View", the first of the Mountain Gate, "the first Qiannan Hill," Street, Shek Pik days between "the roof" and "Wu famous review", wrote out of the ordinary, out impressive. Monument and notes of the original temple was built to Shibei Dachaoshan, multi-hand man has difficile. However, Li Guang's Lingnan Qilu a well-preserved. "Must Thousands of stroke Ren Shi, Liang Wei echoed in the first floor. Dan Feng Huang Rong Qiu lax old, and micro-Shu-yun intended to draw strong. "Qiu Jing described Tiantai Mountain, it really is. Terauchi couplets of well-known, most were printed in front of a Buddhist Temple, Wen said:" From the day goes out Natural born on Qi, on the stage as Taichung view of scenic spots on the stage. "Good content Calligraphy is also good. "Rooftop" Qiao three words embedded in the joint, so that readers scenic spots on the roof-top imagination. Stone works, "Figure Eight Immortals", the outline of the characters, trying to highlight the characteristics and personality, the "Eight Immortals" of the air. Qianlangzhuchu Shuangshi permitted large, soft, thin body is fluffy long-haired, prostrata front, back down on one's luck, Whistling for the first weight-bearing-like, very vivid image. Platform is expected to peak, overlooking board, Castle Peak, green water, farms, cottages, picturesque. Terauchi a collection of swords, ivory towards a Wat, a Qing Dynasty Guan Fu, Chuan Wu Sangui since the early Qing Dynasty for the Dian-Qian pilgrimage to the Hill when presented so far in good condition; and another box of a basin With a diameter of 0.33 meters, 0.34 meters high, the Department of light 28 years (1848) on behalf of the abbot monk after mt box of old trees from elaborate, very valuable. Temple has a national theater museum.

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