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Third Sister Liu impression - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The landscape of the world's largest real theater, the world's most charismatic director, long the most popular national folk songs, history and customs of the Lijiang River in Guilin Juxian. Large-scale real landscape of Guilin in "Third Sister Liu impression" is the beautiful Li River - Third Sister Liu Wei Song of the core area of the project by the Mandarin-dimensional wide Guilin Tourism Culture Industry Limited Investment in construction, China's famous director Zhang Yimou as director and screenwriter at the national level Shuai Mei Yuan Ren Producer, producers, as well as the two young directors - Wang Chao song, Fan joined the changes of the draft, which lasted three and a half years to Produced. She set customs Li River landscape, Guangxi minority elite Chinese culture and art Creation of Dacheng, the world's first completely new concept of "real performance landscape." The only set of performances, artistic, shocking, national character, in one of the visual, performing a revolution, a revolution of vision.

A radius of two kilometers of Yangshuo, Lijiang River above the waters of Shu Tong Shan, 12 King peaks, the vast boundless sky, so far constitute the world's largest theater landscape. At present, domestic investment in the construction of the largest environmental art works and unique lighting effects of smoke, to create a poetically dreamlike visual effects. Traditional performances in the theater's limited space, the performances are natural-made For the real stage, looking ahead, the Lijiang River water, the mountains of Guilin, as the center of the stage, gives a broad perspective as well as the feelings of aloof. Traditional stage performances, is a human creation, the "real performance landscape" is the common man and God's creation. The peaks have surfaced, Shuijing reflection, adorned the misty rain, the bamboo light , The Moon will put on spending any time into the show and become wonderful episode. Lijiang's sunny, breeze particularly fascinating reflection; misty rain to Lijiang, give people is another kind of beauty to enjoy; yarn, such as rain, Li Li Chan; clouds and wind around, like in Sin Temple, like entering a dream .... .. It is performed using clear, smoke Rain, fog, spring, summer, autumn and winter different from the natural climate, create endless magic charm to make every performance there are new.

Performances of "Third Sister Liu impression" as the title of the total, the freehand brushwork in the Third Sister Liu was left to the impression of classic folk, ethnic customs, such as Yu Huo Li Yuan Combination of innovation, to Buzhaohenji into the landscape, to restore the natural interpretation of the success of the harmony between man and nature relationship, to create a state of harmony between man and nature, known as "co-operation with the blessing of God." The performance of Guilin, Yangshuo two world-famous tourism, cultural resources - landscape in Guilin and left to the people of the Third Sister Liu Carried out as skillfully graft and dissolve organic, so natural scenery and cultural add radiance to each other. Based on the performance of Guilin, Guilin and music resources, natural scenery, folk customs perfectly, we do not perform at the same time, Li also look at people's lives.

Third Sister Liu Wei Song of the impression is located Tian Lijiang River and the junction with the world famous across the yangshuo Shu Tong Shan risers. Canton-dimensional Mandarin with the local government from the Song of the dike construction at the outset to reach a tacit understanding not only to emphasize the art of performance has attached great importance to environmental protection, the entire project into one with nature. Now, Song Wei was almost entirely green cover , Which has tea plantations, such as Feng Weizhu, and by planting grass, green rate reached 90%. The lighting, sound system using covert design, integration and the environment, water sports arena full use of bamboo structures, can not perform all split up and hidden body of water on the Lijiang river bed and not caused by video . Auditorium, built in accordance with the terrain, the terrace design, coordination and the environment, but also take into account the safety of the flood. Even the toilets are also set to introduce two Korean technology, is currently building the country's most advanced environmental protection, ecological toilets, toilet sewage discharged into the Lijiang River, but are not directly involved in recycling. In addition, the building of 100 mu with , The Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, as well as guests such as the gallery building a strong distribution of national characteristics, as far as building units, as a whole do not have to work a nail, eye-openers.

From the audience of green terraced fields constitute a model, a 180-degree panoramic vision, seeing the river two kilometers wide landscape Performance. 2200-set auditorium, which seats 2,000 ordinary, 180 VIP seats, 20 seats, President; strong cast by more than 600 specially trained actors pose; performance colorful clothing, according to the different selection of scenes The Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other minority Family Clothing; show the entire time about 90 minutes. It has been widely Mandarin Victoria's head, has been declared a Guinness record the following two: First, the world's largest group of Gulou; Second, the world's largest real theater landscape.

Producer of the show, producers Shuai Mei Mr. table : "We are pleased to have Mr. Zhang Yimou perform as the general director, he recognized the extraordinary talent and creative spirit of cooperation to make this work and God only. In his view, God is not only green, natural and human Harmony is a "beautiful mind." Large green that the traditional concept of environmental consciousness To the spirit level to guide the real mountains and rivers to reach the performance level of harmony between man and nature. I would also like to thank the other two young directors - Wang Chao song, to join the Fan, and their passion for innovation and practical ability so that the "real landscape in" by the concept into a reality. In addition, the design of music, Wu Mei design, lighting set , Costume design, and China is a world-class master, I believe, is not the producer of their choice, but God chose them. During the three and a half years in the creative process, to perform the program through numerous changes, we have step by step closer to the true meaning. Here, all the participants in all their efforts only Good integration into the landscape and become the soul of the landscape. She is green, to appease, it is natural baptism, the return of human nature.

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