Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dragons Tunbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragons into the Tun Bao, as if the dream into the alley, 600 years ago, the war has gone along with the years. Smart is a stockade of the spring, we went to the same day, a hundred people from the tourist group came to Guiyang, Tun Bao Road, the girl spoke Mandarin Zhunbao on a story in the Ming Dynasty legacy. 26 guides all of the Dragons Village girls, local farmers who become involved in tourism to do a bright spot.

Tun Bao culture is a culture of Guizhou, an important part. Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang launched by the Yuan dynasty put down the remnants of the regime Liang war radically changed the land so that Guizhou's ethnic structure has changed, and promoted into Guizhou A province, a large number of Han immigrants from the old haunt Jianghuai into the advanced science and technology, so that people of all ethnic groups in Guizhou into an advanced civilization, farming, education and civilization. Tun Bao Qian into the ancestors of Zhao's achievements is the sun, can say: because of the history of this case, with this group of people in Guizhou to become a 000.

  Tunbao real sequence of activities is on the basis of this, in order to better understanding of Tun Bao culture, understanding Tun Bao, the use of special-General History of the Long Poem narrative together with the real performance of modern popular art forms of expression of our ancestors Zhunbao Memorial to better publicize Tun Bao culture, in-depth development of the tourism Zhunbao Performances by the entire Long Poem and music in the background, the actors spend a total of 200 people, and all the local villagers as an actor, the original ecological Zhunbao display of movement of people throughout history, as well as rich and colorful folk culture, folk customs.

Tunbao villagers spread of a doggerel: The Walled Son, Tuen Yunshan of the men Zi, the Dragon "mold." The so-called "mold" refers to the mode of tourism development Dragons. March 5, farmers Dragons Tourism Association Chairman Cheng Kam-yin told reporters: "The association of farmers went to his house a few days ago, the shares do require travel." Currently has the intention to introduce farmers Yue Mun

Dragons Tunbao ancient town located in the west of Yunnan's throat, here in the Yuan Dynasty is a well-known ancient Yuan Shun Yi Dao, is the first ancient town Tun Bao Tian Yuan Shun Yi Dao on an old station ...

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