Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fu Boshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the north of the city of Lijiang River in Guilin Sea, is a water according to the Bangshui Gu Feng, the Han Dynasty when Fubo General Ma Yuan Nan Zheng has been here, it got its name. Tang, when the mountains have built the temple Fubo General. Present decanoate Shuiting, Kikunami Court, Banshan Ting, Zhu Dong, Mi Fu's self-portrait, Qianfo Yan, and other attractions, there is a heavy 1,000 kg "Thousands of pot" and more than 2700 kilograms of weight clock. Zhu also inside the cave, there is a self-Dong Ding dangling down the boulder, called the test stone sword from the ground only Cunxu, standing alone, however broken, according to legend, General Fubo test is caused by the sword. Gufengtingxiu the mountain, half of the insert Jiang Tan, the other half of the land on the pillow. Spring and summer each year, Jiang The soaring to curb the foothills Kuanglan waves, so that the reverse swing of the river, the waves yield power. Fu Boshan beautiful scenery, strange caves. Hill is Linjiang corridors to the east, according to Cliff and Fubo teahouse built Kikunami's Court, west of the mountain there is stone, and Ban Shanting up to the Peak, climb a little perspective, we can see the picturesque Guilin delicate and pretty Shui-Guang Color, hence the "scenic spots Fubo" reputation. There are well-known eastern foot of the hole Guozhu also, Linglong visible inside the cave, there are more than 100 kinds of stone wall, in which large paintings of the Song Dynasty home of Mi Fu title, a self-portrait of the poem and poet Fan can be treasures. Zhu also related to a hole in ancient legends, according to legend, a fisherman Cidong to see in the shape of a dog as being of the animals to sleep before, luminous stars in all directions of the Pearl, and he admitted to the beads. Official know, he ordered the return of Miss Sarah, the fisherman also had to back-Chu. As a result, future generations will Cidong said Zhu also for the hole. Transport: Bus up to 2,13,15, 58 Fu Boshan to free public car park, 4A or green car that can. Admission: 15 yuan opening hours :8:30-16: 30, full tour takes about 2 hours park around

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