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Beijing Baiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Del located in the path (of the original will be outside the West) Baiyun Street. Beijing's largest Taoist temple, a famous Chinese Taoist one of Beijing's heritage as a unit. Tang Kaiyuan, founded in 29 years (741), said Tian Jin concept Dading 2007 (1167) reconstruction, three years Jinming Chang (1192) renamed the Taiji Gong. Kim Tae-and three - (1203) Taiji Gong destroyed by fire. Gold at the end of a real person Qiu Changchun Department machine (1148-1227) West Feng Zhao, an audience with Genghis Khan, ordered to control the world Taoism, presided over the Taiji Gong, and changed its name Zhangchun Gong, rehabilitation, expansion into the North China Taoist Center. Qiu Department after the death machine, Kim Jong-large for four years (1 27) of its purchase of Changchun Gong followers in Iraq Zhiping Eastern Hospital Road, built homes, "Baiyun." The spring of next year to build the "Department Shun-tang" in the concept, the machine remains buried Qiu Department. Changchun Gong Yuan Mo destroyed in the war, the remnants of Baiyun. 27 Wu Ming-hong (1394) as the main body to the expansion of Baiyun, Ming Zhengtong three to eight years (1438 -- 443) to build a large scale. 45 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1706) once again rebuilt, and now form a pattern. Baiyun in 1984 as a key Taoist temples, opening to the outside world in the same year. China Taoist Association, the China Taoist College are located here, beginning in 1987, organizes the annual Spring Festival Baiyun " Yingchun vulgar ", in 1999 to 13 sessions have been held for the Beijing traditional temple fair is one of the four (see temple). Baiyun blocks south, Fen Sanlu. Yingbi the middle of the main building there, the Star lattice door, the Mountain Gate, Bell-Drum , The palace Ling, Yu Huangdian old Church law, Dian Qiu, Samcheonggak four Gotemba, things were side hall in a palace Palace officials, financial Temple, the Temple Jiuku, Dian drugs, the ancestral hall for the West, the Hall of Yuanjun, Wen Temple, Chen Yuan Temple, the Temple Lvzu, gathered in parks; East Antarctica have Hall, basking fighting Pavilion, Zhenwu Miao, the fire temple , Zhaitang, Luo tower.

Taoist by the progressive layers of the courtyard, large-scale, the extraordinary momentum. Visit In view of clouds can be divided into East and West Road, the main hall in the north-south central axis.

South axis from the beginning there Zhaobi glass, colorful St. Paul, the Mountain Gate, and so on.

Mountain Gate, a stone relief of small white marble stone monkey, very lively, hi cute touch, in order to Qubing Nafu.

Mountain Gate after a single stone bridge - Yu Feng Bridge, the bridge hanging hole one meter in diameter have a large Jinqi "coins", the money linked to a hole in Tong-ling, with visitors to this hi coins into the money hole to Horse Point , Caiyunhengtong, very interesting.

Yu Huangdian

Ling Guan Road in the North Hall, the hall set up Shrine dedicated to the "Supreme Emperor Jinque Haotian." 4 hall of the original plastic Santa and other statues were not kept. The statue is now on both sides of the Wanli out between mid-casting. Red banner hanging hall buildings, embroidered with different shapes of "life", as a result of "Baishou pennant", is the legendary late Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi's 60th birthday birthday thing, after Chici The concept of this cloud hanging.

Old Church Law

Yu Huangdian Road in the north, is within view of priests in religious activities in the main hall. Hall said the original seven really, from within Quanzhen Dao Wang Chongyang founder of the disciples of the seven, seven statues side by side and the truth out, the seat of a real person who that is, Qiu Changchun Department, the other six Department Liu Xuan Hao Tong, Tan Department end of the Wangchu Yi, Ma Yu Sun and his wife, Fujiko, the Bank said "seven cases of true north." When the Qing Dynasty called together the old law. Hanging on the hall Di Yu Qing Emperor Kangxi "Jane Lang Maniwa" Hengbian. Dianqian platform to the right of a copper Casting Kangxi 1958 riding a mule, saddle bridge inscribed with "Kangxi-year-old Wu Zi" in the original object outside the Chaoyang Dongyue , Was removed after the shift.

Qiu Hall

Road law in the old North Church, is within view of one of the main hall, into a self-yard, is to bury the remains of the plane Qiu Department, "Department Shun-tang," Gu Zhi. When the Ming Dynasty "Changchun Temple", said the early Qing Dynasty, "Tang Zhen silence", to the early Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years, said Qiu Temple, which has been extended. Dian Office machine preservation Qiu statue. Purchase a bowl hall gall stone pedestal, is the legend of the Song Dynasty relics, thanks to the Emperor Qianlong.
Samcheonggak four Royal Palace Road in the northernmost. Before a gallery, divided into two levels, the top three Qing Court, the lower four Royal Palace. Samcheonggak is within view of the collection, possession of the Ming Dynasty orthodox carved by years of "possession of orthodox Road" Volume 5350, thanks in view of the monument, as described in detail "by the gift" after. Four Royal Palace 4 of worship God the Great, followed by the Great North Pole Transit Zi-wei, Chen hook on the Great Emperor Palace, described only follow the example of earth, the Great Antarctic longevity.

Hall of Lvzu

Yuanjun the west side of the hall in the West, was built 13-year-Qing (1808), two hours before and after the Temple, for Qiandian Sin Temple, the hall opposite things have plastic statues of the Eight Immortals of folklore. Hou Dian Dian Lvzu that is specifically Lu Temple, the Temple is the only view of the glazed tile roof construction.

Hall together

That is, the back garden, in the northern end of the Baiyun, Qing Guang Xu in 13 years (1887). Gathered for the Hillside Garden Center, is due south of the North Block, Southern Taiwan, warning that there is on both sides of the winding verandah, after a rockery along, there are things in the mountains and Heting Miaoxiang booths across. Park has retreated to the west floor. After the garden is known as "Little Penglai" reputation.

Stone Tablets

Baiyun save a large amount of tablets, rehabilitation of tablets, donated the middle tablets, tablets per mu, incense tablets, such as the nine-year formal written Baiyun Hu small river rehabilitation in mind that 13 years of formal written Xu Bin grant by the monument; Qing Emperor Qianlong 50 Three years (1788) Royal tablets and repair system Yubishibei, Guangxu 12-year re-Zhao Yin Ching Tak Guillemin Baiyun rehabilitation of the monument, Gu Ming Jiajing in Yishou written Baiyun monument restoration, and so on. Baiyun recorded in the construction, development, change history, in view of preservation famous calligrapher Zhao Mengfu of the Yuan Dynasty Xingshu "Dao De Jing of Laozi," stone, the stone for the best. Another Lao Zuoxiang stone, is the legend of the Tang Dynasty stone works.

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