Friday, February 6, 2009

North Sea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the center of Beijing's Forbidden City on the west side, there is a piece of water, which is Xiyuan, also known as liquid pool too. Pool is too fluid to be split into three: the North Sea, in the sea, the South China Sea. One of the most well-known in the North Sea, as early as 1,000 years ago, was opened here has become a major Royal Garden, Beijing is the most beautiful places on Earth. Too The pool design can be traced back to an ancient legend: there are Oriental miles Penglai, Yeongju, abbot of the three mountains, the mountain god of longevity has a panacea. Royal Park Han and Qin Shi Huang sent to find, but found nothing, then, simply imperial dynasties in the construction of the palace in the vicinity of the mountains in the water, the mirage of change Piaomiao Can touch reality. North of the main attractions are: fasting for a better tomorrow, the Nine Dragon Wall, Glass Pavilion, Palace as a result of good, big trouble Yuhai, Yin Xiao Xitian Temple, extension of the promenade floor, Mission City, Bridge Wing, five Longting, Baita, copper cents for Lu Pan, Qionghua pulau. Transport: bus 5,101,103,109,1 4,812,814,846 to the front door of the North Sea, 13,42,107,111,118,810,701 by bus to the back door of the North Sea. Tickets: Tickets are 10 yuan (5 yuan student tickets); In addition, the city corporation with an additional 1 yuan buying, as a result of the good Dian also buying another 1 yuan. The opening hours :9:00-18: 00

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