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Badaling Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Great Wall is a symbol of the Chinese nation, which more than 12,000 full-length, is the world's greatest one of the building. The Great Wall was built in the period of the First Qin Emperor, after a history of the construction of the addition, we can now see almost all of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty. Badaling Great Wall in the Ming Great Wall is the best preserved section is the most representative , Is the essence of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, the important point here is the Pass of the Great Wall of the outpost, as high as 1015 meters above sea level, terrain Xianyao, Chengguan strong, has always been the vital importance of military strategists. Badaling Great Wall on board, Yuan Wang Ji Mu, undulating hills, hung Shen mountains in the north of the bold, panoramic view. As a result of majestic mountains and the Great Wall As a result of a more dangerous because of the Great Wall.

As early as 1961, was issued by the State Council for the national key cultural unit. In 1988, Badaling Great Wall by the United Nations as a world cultural heritage of mankind. In 1991, the 40 best spots in the national selection, the Badaling top list .

Badaling Great Wall in Beijing Yanqing County in the northern territory, more than 70 kilometers away from Beijing. Expressway and the mountains, 40 minutes by car from Beijing to reach. Here as the Great Wall in the general dragon mountains along the ridge between the twists and turns , And beacon towers over Dilou. Wall 7.8 m, 7.8 m Dingkuan. Visitors can board the city's majestic Great Wall and enjoy the works of the great and arduous.

Badaling since ancient times is an important strategic military, the Spring and Autumn period for the national defense of the North's intrusion in the construction of the Great Wall is still Canqiang see, the pier remains, And next to the Great Wall and the general consensus. Badaling is the rise amid permanent peaks of the military are a sign of trouble Hill Pass, the Ming Dynasty, "Chang Talk": From then on the road, extending in all directions, named Badaling is the highest and Oldies. "This shows Badaling geographic strategic position. In order to strengthen the defense in the Ming Dynasty, the Badaling Great Wall was Up to 80 years of construction, and Qi Kang Wo's transfer to the North, the Great Wall defense command. After 80 years of construction of the Badaling Great Wall has become associated Chengguan, the pier across the fort, the city of heavy security, fire alarm system of tight defense. History of the Badaling Great Wall Pass security is the gateway from the Great Wall to Days of the south, in the middle is a 40 years-long canyon, the valley in the city about building "Pass", the canyon is therefore named the "ditch clearance" and the true mark of Ezhu Badaling Great Wall, Badaling high clearance The maximum ditch at the north end, where the two Jia Zhi-feng, in an open, condescending, and the situation is extremely Xianyao. An old Chinese saying " Under the Badaling Pass, as if to build lead, as well to see, "" Ju Yong risk, Kwan is not the city, and in the Badaling ", said. Pass can be seen at the time clearance is just a city, the real Great Wall was built in the Octopus Ridge. Badaling Pass of the special terrain, military history has become vital importance, therefore, at this time of the Great Wall built with Is of strategic importance. Badaling is a major event in the history of many of the witness. The first emperor Qin Shi Huang jieshi the east, by way of Badaling from Datong. And then riding to the Xianyang, the Queen Mother Xiao Xun Xing, Yuan Taizu entry, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty from Beijing twice a year and are between the Ming Dynasty emperor of the Northern Expedition, fell to Li in Beijing ... ... On behalf of the emperor Qin Zheng Badaling is inevitable, the recent history, she fled west tears Badaling, Zhan Tianyou at the Badaling presided over the construction of China's first self-construction of the railway - Beijing Railway Zhang Sun Dr. Sun Yat-sen Badaling Great Wall and so on board, left here today for a lot of history and the history of precious memories. Badaling Great Wall is China's ancient defense works great part of the Great Wall, Ming-generation 18 years Koji (1505), Ming Jiajing, Wanli had to repair the section of the Great Wall steep terrain, condescending, it is important to the Ming Dynasty military pass Beijing, the capital and an important barrier. Nerita bowl of the Great Wall at Badaling mountains, hillside, the ups and downs, twists and turns rolling. Badaling Pass is located outside the mouth, East and West to close two East "Ju Yong outside the town," West said, "North Gate Suoyao." Guan City narrow width of the West, the Great Wall from the "North-key lock the door," Guan City co-Taiwan from the mountain and building, mixed high and low walls, with an average of about 7.5 meters high, the top 6 meters wide, can accommodate five, and Ma Chi, ten parallel. The Great Wall section of the wall is a huge clean article of the stone-paved, and some stone be up to 2 meters and weighing several help them. Internal filled with stones and soil, the ground covered with Qiangding Fangzhuan, very flat . Qiangding the outside of buildings which have Duokou of 1.7 meters high, has been on the look-hole, hole under fire, has the inside wall of buildings. Every section of wall, built a fortress-like town square and Taiwan. Taiwan City high-low, the high-called enemy embrace, is the watch of local accommodation and non-commissioned officers; low wall is called Taiwan, with a high wall, but similar A wall, surrounded by Duokou, is a sentry on patrol. In the high ground has also Yandun, that is, beacon towers and ancient transmission facilities of the warning.

  On the Great Wall, you can see the Great Wall at the foot of the mountain on the potential, down the winding, such as a dragon head and tail but not in continuous Chengkungling rolling climbing activities, magnificent, magnificent, it is only sigh. The natural landscape is also useful feature of the spring, summer, autumn and winter are 4:00 nirvana. Jin is the most vernalization shop, stacked Summer Green Man Road, Red Cloud ? decline by Tsui, love Dan dye concentration, to clarify the autumn air. Winter to Setsurei more luxuriant, Jade Dragon Spring, scenery collected in confusion. Oldies, infinite love ancient and modern, but not understand, what the other Heritage. Chang Wan-li Great Wall, not the history of two thousand words; For an exhaustive look at history, the Great Wall is not a true man without Deng.

"Heroes see the Great Wall" in Beijing Deng Changcheng not as if God Temple in Shanghai do not swim, is unthinkable To date, including Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, including more than three hundred of the world's list of eminent persons had boarded the Badaling Xiuse mountains and rivers here, you miss it?
Badaling fortress


Ditch clearance at the mouth of the North (outside the mouth), Beijing to Nantong in the north to Yanqing, west of Datong, arrived in the East Wing Ning and other places. Because of their "road from the sub," named and extending in all directions. Badaling to the peak 1,000 meters above sea level, the population of the two-Feng Jia Zhi Ling, a brief traffic control, go a long way "when Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo" trend. There is an old saying: "The risk is not related Juyong, and Badaling, "this is the case. In ancient times, Badaling has always been to defend the Central Plains region of strategic importance, Yuan, Ming and other North Korea, are located heavily guarded.

Guan Yi (Weng Cheng)

Badaling Great Wall built there are two things Guan City, East as "Ju Yong outside the town," Shing Mun in the west as "North Suoyao "Shing Mun. Two 43.9 meters apart, Weng Cheng area of 5000 square meters, 600 meters above sea level in the Department. Clearance of the existing city for 18 years of the Ming Dynasty Koji (1505) architecture, the Great Wall is in one of the most famous pass." Ju Yong outside the town "here refers to as the Pass of the outpost positions. North Gate Suoyao "Code of the Song Dynasty prime minister KOU Zhun. Representative and the two sides after the Song, Liao, KOU Zhun not served in North Korea, and Daming Fu came to be guarding. Liao Da Mingfu passing envoy States see this KOU Zhun, Would be surprised to ask: How can the prime minister to the adults? Do I help you?. KOU Zhun seriously on the Hill Liao said: "No North Korea, Suoyue door, non-Town, I can not! "Later, people just north of the border town, known as the" North Gate Suoyao. "

Cha Dao City

Badaling in the vicinity of the station, there is a forceful momentum, building a solid big castle, which is the "North Gate Suoyao" Guan City Command post - Cha Dao City. According to the "Ju Yong Zhi and Strategy," set: "Badaling for a brief ban on the Ju Yong, Cha Dao Badaling for the fence." There was "total" three unmanning 800, in the Badaling Great Wall plays an important role in military defense.

Ancient cannons

Chen Chin Guan Badaling on the city board at the entrance to the city's road horse, a total of 5 formolongi, then one of the advanced weapons. One of the biggest barrel a 2.85 meters long, 105 mm diameter, has a range of more than 1000 meters, a great power. Gun found engraved with "big power Chici General" for 11 years Chongzhen the Ming Dynasty ( 638) to create. The gun was in 1958 Badaling from the east more than 10 years of local Fort Zhang Yun. In addition 4 small gun bracket for the refurbishment of the Great Wall in 1957, when the archaeological finds, but also unearthed hundreds of artillery shells, are products of the Ming dynasty. According to the "Chi Wubei" record: "machine made by the ancient stone, the plane's wooden stand Tiger-like squat. Later, the use of artillery, guns are short and thick, made to bear shells, were squatting Tiger artillery, guns, commonly known as Frog, "then we can see reflected in the weapons case.


Badaling Great Wall, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the most typical, the highest for a large majestic. Skin walls are large, weighing 2000 Duojin Chengzhuan or granite stone into article, tamping the soil with gravel, in particular, solid and tidy. The average wall 7.8 meters high, 6.4 meters thick-wall, Qiangding 5.8 meters wide, can accommodate five and horse riding, ten times. Qiang Ding on the outside of buildings which have 1.7 to 2 meters high stack with the battlement wall . Duokou under the open side of a small hole, called shot hole for archery. At the same time, the inside Qiang Ding-yu also build a wall, known as the parapet, the role of security. Yu side of the wall, at a certain distance vouchers to open up a portal, which can be laid stone Deng Qiang Ding. The walls are paved with Fangzhuan, lime Sealant, very neat, grass-inch hard-sheng. Its two There is also the flow of the inside of the gutter and spit and so on Tap. From the military defense, are very particular about all kinds of construction, if the solid iron wall, and fully demonstrates China's ancient working people in order to create great.

City Desk

Wall, also known as Taiwan. Qiang Ding refers to the slightly out of the Great Wall, four Battlement build a wall, Duokou, shot hole, and other platform-building. This is the ancient soldiers patrol the sentry, as well as the war when it maintains defense. For example, Badaling Kwan Shing-top platform is the city of Taiwan.

Taiwan enemy

Also called Dilou, bunker, built in Long Qiang Ding. For the general square or rectangular, points up and down two floors. I expected to set the upper hole and shot, and there are home fireworks signal facilities; Biyou lower coupons doors, staircases, pause for soldiers or weapons storage purposes, along the Great Wall as an important military facilities.

Taiwan war The Great Wall was built along the roads or Xianyao terrain, for the bunker-style building, one, two, three of the points of various sizes. Chu can be weapons, ammunition and other strategic materials, the effect is greater than Dilou. According to Liu Xiao Ming Dynasty written by their ancestors, "the four Zhen Zhi three" records, Qi in the planning and supervision under the From Beijing to Shanhaiguan along the Great Wall, Build enemy Taiwan, Taiwan's 1200 war (the original plan to build 3000). When the event war broke out, the enemy could be on the stage "from under the temporary use of firearms, Franco, cluster bombs hit Geng Fan" and "exhausted-to-generation of artillery." Taiwan need to fight a general observe the Taiwan 30, 30 Shou-battlement, at 6 Wu, preparing powder 300 jin. In addition, there is also the stage in the war Arrow, and an iron bar, as well as thousands of small stones, as well as reserves of food and water for a month, and so on. "Indemnity and the production of sperm for a long time, thought and the more skillfully cooked" the war to Taiwan, will launch an attack while it maintains, and the Great Wall and the Taiwan, Taiwan enemy (Di Lou), and other military installations in close cooperation to form dense network of fire, greatly enhancing the power of war, effectively blocking Diji attack, in defense of the military plays a very important role in the strategy and tactics.

Beacon towers

For a seat, it maintains the independence of the Tibetan stone house , Construction on both sides along the Great Wall of Xian Yao of the broad field of vision or Gangluan, the fortifications of the Great Wall is an important part. General every five to ten from a building, each of the five war pier on the stage for fireworks for the police, military intelligence passed purpose-built facilities. Yu Di, such as love, burning smoke during the day "fire" at night Fire "Feng." It is said that the ancient wolf-doped had a burning dung, the smoke straight to the sky and feast, the beacon towers also? Quot; Yantai wolf "or the Yandun said. Chenghua since 2002 in the Ming Dynasty (1466), fireworks also Canadian sulfur, saltpeter minutes later, as well as for the Gun, according to the number of the enemy, discharge The number of guns have clearly defined. More than 100 enemy around a burning cigarette, a gun-ming; 500 people put to cite the Second Second Artillery smoke; more than a thousand people put three three-smoking gun ... ... as long as a fireworks will light the word-by-Taiwan, located at a distance of the command structure , You can quickly learn the enemy. It is well Ancient science communication China's about more than 2700 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty have been used.

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