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Shihuadong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Stone Buddha Cave, located in Hebei Fangshan Town Village car from the city of Beijing Wu Shiqian meters. Master Yuen Kwong Ming Dynasty in the 11-year orthodoxy (1446) found that travel far and wide and named the "unspoken truth holes." And in the old quarry area on the outside of the sculpture "in possession of 13" and holes, engrave inside the cave-made "to possession of three Buddha" big Stone Buddha. Tai-ming 2007 (1456) inside the cave, king of the Buddha carved in marble as 3, renamed the stone holes. Beijing in 1978 hydro-geological engineering firm to conduct exploration of the hole, Shihuadong name. Opening to the outside world in 1987.

  Shihuadong development in the Ordovician Majiagou Carboniferous , As a result of crustal movement and the relatively stable number of uplift of the course, the seabed up to the land. About Qiqianwannian orogeny occurred in North China before the Beijing Xishan on this form. Carbonate rock salt and then gradually dissolution into a series of karst caves, Shihuadong is formed. Shihuadong points up and down-hole Layer, hole-distribution along the east-west direction: the temperature inside the cave, all the year round for 11 ? -13 ?, there are bats and birds habitats floating landing, Discovery's only 1-5 hole layer Road about 5000 meters. Six or seven underground river of underground water and sufficient water tunnel layer. Now the development and utilization of one, two, three holes Road, a total length of 1900 meters, the bottom area 18,000 square meters, there are 12 large and 16 Dongting chamber has been the development and utilization.

  Shihuadong cave sediments of the natural landscape: wonderful, intensive problems, and its full range, there were different types, and cadenza scene in Linglong visible. Inside a large number of stone flowers, sticks of rock, stone wool, Ju, Jing-sheng, grape stone, stone pearls, curling stone, calcium and white film transparent stalagmites, columns, exquisite stalactite and the visible stone, stone lamps, crystal bright, beautiful and elegant stone terrace, cloud base, the magnificent Shiman, and Teng Runs crash rock falls, the wall flashing LED phototherapy stone wall flow, clear water from the overflow Jinji crowd on the stone lotus milk, only to the Chinese. Flying elegant stone wall of the left eyebrow, bright and transparent colorful flag stone for the typical domestic cave deposits, the three-cave sediments must spend even more immense, Qionghua wonderful, traditional costumes and walls, all types of deposits are thousands , Linglong visible, like Mission, silk, flowers , The wonders of different layers, and so-King, brings together the best in the world cave sediments.

  Shihuadong-strong body, arranged, flat bottom, fresh air, good environment. Shihuadong as a result of more deep-hole space on the ground floor and underground river flows through, so they formed a cave environment, climate regulation on its own priorities Conditions of the carbon dioxide exhaled visitors are free to exclude 99.9 percent, to open tourism, protection of the caves is very favorable.

  Shihuadong the following three holes and three-layer, for a closed-dong, youth development is at the third floor about five Bai Yumi, inside a bright flowery, enamel walls filler. Wonderful Shi Ying Chi follow the clear water of the pond, thousands of multi-storey stone flowers, needle-like, college-like, snow-like flowers of goods, Ishige is the growth of small exquisite stone lamps, crystal open with the goose, etc., as a result of Shihuadong There are deep holes in the third tier of a larger mosaic a classic rare beautiful time, Beijing called on the ground floor of the Pearl, white Gallery, China ranks first in 1997 for scientific research and testing in China stalagmite in the cave for the first time found a micro-light stalagmite laminae that age, ancient environmental science, the only Shihuadong high scientific and watch??.

  According to the classification of the cave sediments, Shihuadong of chemical deposition, there were five Type, 33 kinds of patterns, mainly geese control, stalagmite and stalactite, stone columns, stone pagodas, stone curtain, Shiman, stone waterfall, stone terrace, wearing Ishii, while rock-fill, Shilong, rock cakes, green beads , Pearl stone, stone-day flow, the board of calcium, calcium film, curling stone, cloud-box, Shi Hua, Shi-chi, crystal flowers, Ishige, Shek Kuk, the multi-storey stone , Pomegranates, grapes stone, stalactite hanging rock, stone lamps, and so on Shek Lin is the most typical of the many colorful and exotic stone flag and shield domestic cave only on milk Stone Lotus, as well as roof caves and underground water pond , For a variety of karst geology, not only the formation of Shihuadong deep hole, and inside the cave sediments Many cadenza scene of singular beauty and elegant landscape. Shihuadong above to the north of China on behalf of the typical karst caves, through the development and construction of reasonable care and protection and scientific management can become a unique tourist destination in Beijing and karst geology research base.

Developed Shihuadong 1, 2, Road-hole total length of over 1900 meters, open to visitors for one or two two-hole Road, 1362 m long, 12 tall and Dongting chamber composed of 16. There are different patterns of holes the size of the branch 63. Shihuadong secondary chemical inside the cave sediments are many kinds, shapes the United States, there are thousands of stone flowers, stone sticks, Stalactite; elegant beauty of the stone, stone shields, stone lamps, stone terrace; magnificent Shiman, flag stone, rock falls; milk on the dazzling white stone and flashes of light-emitting phototherapy wall, brought together Shihuadong karst cave deposits The essence. Shihuadong not only the type of deposition, the United States and shape, and hole-solid, layered, inside the cave, Fresh air, good environment. As the deep-hole there is more room on the ground floor and underground river, creating a cave environment, climate regulation cycle on its own advantages.

  Shihuadong "remote Shek Lin Chi" has been the growth of more than 32,000 years, the plump white from the large stones on sedimentation level from the world of rare China for the first time found that: "The Yellow River waterfall plunge" by 12 meters, 23 meters wide of the huge stalactite formation, the magnificent, magnificent: "The Dragon King's palace harp," down 10 meters, 18 meters long, from more than 540 Shiman cloth folded into a film, called the cave home in the first mantle: "Man Juan Silver flag" and "flash-wall" and "holes Three columns, "" Sin Temple-off "twelve great wonders of the cave are amazing wow. In order to meet the needs of visitors, Shihuadong in strengthening the development of deep-seated at the same time, exports increased in the hole" cave wonders of the world ", brings together a total of , The world-famous cave on display more than 100 pieces of landscape photographs.

  Shihuadong of natural Linglong visible view, there is water, water and stagnation of water and sediment formed by tall white stalagmite and stone columns, stone terrace, and so on, and the infiltration of water, splashing water, capillary water sedimentary formation of the large number of crystal flowers, Ishige, Shek Kuk, pearl stone, stone Grapes, and so on. And the crystal goose control, Pearl Tower, phototherapy, and so on the wall, a large number of colorful stone flag Beautiful stone shield for the Chinese cave sediments typical of a large number of milk on the stone for Lotus in China for the first time in the cave was found. Shihuadong the elegant environment, fresh air, the inside temperature of 13 degrees year round.

  Shihuadong area of karst caves distribution of high-density, into a hole conditions, the formation of the complex. This The large halls and exquisite landscape, nature is in the long geological time, the sculpture well.

Shihuadong by the multi-layer composition of the cave. This multi-layer structure of the cave is the earliest form of Dong Ding. At that time, a considerable hole on the top floor of the level of surface water table, where there is water erosion, to move , To remove material caves, caves formed after the rise in earth's crust, the cave floor with the rise in earth's crust and the water table is relatively decreased; Since then, local shell stabilized, water and rock in the new site for corrosion removal, they Formed a second cave. In this way, the crust up many times, it formed a multi-storey Point. Can be seen seven different Shihuadong the existence of a high cave, marking the region occurred in at least six intermittent rise. At present, the solution is still the lowest level of underground water cave.

  Beijing Shihuadong National Geopark, with the exception of some of the ground floor of the cave and karst cave landscape of secondary chemical deposition, and There are some of the stratigraphic section and geological structural features, such as geological remains part of the landscape and ancient architecture landscape and human history, and so on.

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