Friday, February 6, 2009

Yougushentan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tourist destination in the suburbs of Beijing - Yougushentan in the territory of Huairou District, 75 km away from Beijing, a leisure area in the air and pleasant weather. Xunyou adventure tourists, an excellent place for leisure. Yougushentan due to its special geographical location, the peculiar structure of the mountain, rich in mineral resources, this constitutes a unique Nature tourism landscape. Canyon in Baiquan convergence, high-gorge rise steeply, not only to appreciate the nature of the Seven Wonders of the pen, but also to watch the Qi Jue the "Fei Bao" and "God Tam", with scenic sky-door, Wo Hu Ling, stone house, Ray Stone split, Tam Chinese Restaurant, Takahashi peak, and Yan Feng Cliff Fei Bao, such as Office, more than 10 landscape. Climb over Qiao's Ladder, God can reach the dam, the water area of about 80 square meters, more than six meters water depth, water clear and transparent, like silver crystal. Nature and its spectacular natural stunning! When away from the noisy urban tourists come here and walk along the line of Shi Jing, or connected with the river on which it can listen to streams of water features humming, Qinglie taste of spring fragrance, but also to enjoy the famous calligraphy, seal carving and ancient rock art; there are 300 m speed skating you can not try to have the adventure. Yougushentan at the same time be able to provide accommodation for 200 people, accommodation standard rooms, Japanese-style rooms, a variety of in-house facilities, access to Conference on holiday; sinomenine another shade, interior cabins of the clean-ya, for your leisure. Mountain restaurant can accommodate 300 people dining at the same time, you're ready for a snack and supporting rural mountain Quanxi, more unique, on-site production of the game barbecue, rainbow trout fishing processing. In the summer with the "flowing water" spa pool Here is an item of Fitness tourists, Kara OK, billiards, a variety of self-Qipai, fitness and entertainment for visitors. As dusk fell, Yougushentan unique "fire show" at this time you will draw out a successful close. This will also be held each year in a variety of activities, such as: writing stone Yougushentan May 1-October 1) Yougushentan "triathlon" competition (from July 1 to October 1) Yougushentan House three day trip (from May 1 to October 30) Admission: 20 yuan

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