Saturday, February 7, 2009

Foshan lying - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Foshan lying tourist resorts, many peaks, steep lofty, and the Great Wall Miangen, Taiwan one after another enemy, Eritrea captured squat dangerous, unpredictable. Tourism wedding day for the spring and autumn. You travel in the region Mingshan Kong, Xiu Yun Ling-social, Ying Ying springs, streams Mimi, traditional costumes and stone, impressive. That is more Xiong Guan Road, the Old City Fort Langyan war, the majestic Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty at the foot of the red wooden wall with each other, close at hand. Hill at the foot of the Rainbow Villa, has a new ultra-popular European-style wooden villas, Villa are equipped with 17 rooms, in particular, to build a unique style of the White House suite. Currently has 80 beds, a Chamber-type rural Modulation to bars and fresh red trout featuring "Lin persimmon home" villages. Accommodation for visitors, meetings, entertainment, fishing, mineral bath and other access. Rainbow Hills Resort bed around 80 yuan, guests can order according to their own taste, cheap. Transport: Direct East 916 by road to the Huairou Huaisha-for-car line to the west side of the island under the Mutian Valley.

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