Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bi Yunsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiangshan is located in Dong Lu, formerly known as Um Pik, was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the Western Hills Scenic Area for the most complete of a temple, Poxiang the West Lake Temple. Temple-wide area of 40,000 meters, with Rohan Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Court springs, such as the famous tower throne of King Kong. Temple has beautiful scenery, towering pine and cypress. Outside the Mountain Gate, is a Vacant stone bridge, the bridge is Wuzhangshenhe, Cassia big ditch next to Liu, Goudi gurgling sound of water, not dry seasons. There in front of the famous pair of stone lions. From the top of the Mountain Gate to the Temple is divided into six layers. Hill sector of the central axis there are four main hall, bring up the rear hatchback is a vivid tall, powerful and ferocious will Hengha II. Qiandian is chubby indemnity Buddha. For the Hall of Sakyamuni in the middle. There are beautifully decorated hall of the caisson Jinlong, the Golden Broom, the middle is the statue of Buddha preaching, surrounded by his disciples and Rohan. Behind the main hall is decorated in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the hospital Hebao pine and cypress, lawn grass. Tang Shang is the statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Main hall North Point, a display of the Soviet Union Government in March 1925 sent by the Commissioner to send a fiberglass coffin. As the Dr. Sun Yat-sen had already encoffining but for this Memorial. There courtyard of the deeds of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Gallery. Bi Yunsi the hospital is 500 West Ocean Hall. Rohan each about 1.5 meters high, all form True, the live-long features. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall from rising, after up to 34 meters of the path of St. Paul, the temple is the tallest building: the throne of King Kong tower, 34.7 meters high tower, magnificent architecture, fine cut and polish, on the outskirts of Beijing is the 000 Tower, the Western Hills Dong Lu is the high ground. The top board, the landscape in the suburbs of Beijing, Wu Yu. To Biyun Si, and Xiangshan Wofo Si is the same way by car. General Yu Wo Fosi first, and then to the Xiangshan Biyun Si. Special care: Jin Bi Yunsi must first buy tickets Xiangshan. Admission: 10 yuan traffic: 318,331,360,714,733,904 to .

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