Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prince Gong House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shichahai is located on the north shore of Prince Gong of the House is the world's largest courtyard, Beijing is also in town today, more than 60 blocks in the Palace of the Qing Dynasty to preserve one of the most complete. The parallel is divided into eastern, central and western three-way. Road construction is the 3 main sites, one hall, and the other is Houdian, Third Floor extension. Yan floor 160 meters from east to west, More than 40 houses. East and West have their own 3 yard, and across the middle. Palace is the last part of the Garden, more than 20 different spots. Since the House has a certain Prince Gong, "A Dream of Red Mansions" in describing the scene, it was said that Prince Gong House Garden is modeled on the Grand View Garden. However, many people also mentioned Different views. Wilson v. Palace masters, is a first-class nobles, so he's not only large sites, and construction is the highest grid system, to demonstrate their level of insurmountable, is a clear sign Menlian and the number of housing. Wales Government has Menlian 5, 7 in the main hall, Houdian 5, 7 and sleep after, about a side hall in a palace Below the level of the Princes of Wales site must not be more than these figures. Housing in the form of tiles the color is not for the Vietnamese. Prince Gong before the House is the master of big and Jian Xiang-kun, he built Qing Yi Tong to imitate the emperor's Ningshou Gong, Emperor, "Gahan gift to himself," This is one of a count. Site: Hercynian ago on the 17th Street traffic: cars, and so on up to 13,42,107,111,118,810,850. Admission: 60 yuan (including tickets, professional instructors, visitors to local attractions and exhibition halls of the Palace to watch big Xilou and Xilou in Beijing to enjoy performances of traditional programs, Gaiwan Cha Palace to try and snacks). If you only visit Prince Gong House, only 20 yuan.

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