Saturday, February 7, 2009

Miao White Pagoda Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuchengmen Street northbound at the door for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Tai Wan Ansi Shengshou formerly known as the White Pagoda Temple, built in 16 years yuan (1279), built in 25 million (1288). Tianshun the first year of the Ming Dynasty (1457) should be re-Miao Temple, commonly known as the White Pagoda Temple. 28 million positive (in 1368) On all the temples destroyed in Leihuo only Baita spared. Xuande next eight years (1433) and 27 years of Emperor Kangxi (1688) rehabilitation of the two, Ming and Qing dynasties, the Republic of China during the frequent repairs. After the liberation, the Government has on many occasions and was renovated in 1980 to set up the management of heritage and the White Pagoda Temple, at the same time opening foreign . "Cultural Revolution", to remove the Mountain Gate and the White Pagoda Temple, White Pagoda Temple built non-staple food shopping. In 1997, the Xicheng District to remove 30000000 yuan into shopping malls, Baita showed. After the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage and other departments concerned, in October 1998, the White Pagoda Temple was formally opened after renovation. Traffic: 7,1 , 42,102,103,709,846,850 way up to public transportation.

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