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Beijing Garden Chinese - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chinese Garden is located in the southwest of Beijing Asian Games Village, located in the capital, "Dragon" North central axis, with the Chinese National Olympic Sports Center, adjacent to an area of about 40 hectares, is a collection of Chinese ethnic minority traditional architecture, folk customs , Song and dance performances, crafts, as well as national food production as one of the major national cultural base .

  Beijing Museum of the Chinese nation (Chinese Garden) is a recovery, collection, display and study of the 56 Chinese ethnic culture, heritage and social life of the Museum of Anthropology major. Its completion and opening up, China has not filled a major gap in the Museum of Anthropology, marking the cultural capital of things The building of spiritual civilization and progress has been made in the development; the current owner in the capital marked the country's largest national culture protection, display and exchange of a base; marked the capital, there has been a full display of the party and the state of national policy, national unity and national progress, new The window. "

  Beijing Bo of the Chinese nation Home (Chinese Garden) is the National Olympic Park and cultural activities, an area of 50 hectares. Park planning and construction of 56 ethnic Chinese branch museums and scenic spots have been built more than 40 ethnic groups in the branch museums and scenic spots, more than 100 National Landscape Department, the 200 seat national construction, the main exhibition hall 2. Its Some will be completed by 2008. Beijing Museum of the Chinese nation (Chinese Garden) building in Beijing was included in the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and the 50th anniversary of the founding of key projects, from beginning to end has been Beijing municipal government's direct leadership and support of the national local government at all levels to be And the masses Enthusiasm to help and participation, to be patriotic overseas Chinese-funded effort.

Beijing Chinese Garden is located on the west side of the road in the north central, northern and southern sub-park occupies an area of 400,000 square meters. Park has a Tibetan, Qiang, Dai and Jingpo, Hani, Wa, Miao, Buyi, Dong, Yi, Daur, Hezhe, Oroqen, Fresh, high mountains, white, keno, Lisu, Pumi, anger, single-lung, Deang, Naxi, Tujia, Zhuang, Yao, Maonan, water, full, Uygur, Tajik, Kazak, Kirgiz, Mongolian, Ewenki, Hui, Gelo, Li, She, and other 40 ethnic minority area; there is Wang Yung, God columns, waterfalls and cave, the path along the cliff Liusuo, Bar, and so on Karez National Landscape Department, 100; Diaojiao Lou there, the boat-shaped housing, the Housing palm land, towers, Muleng Fang, stone houses, such as cave 200 by the ratio of 1:1 in the construction of various forms of national construction ; In these buildings to display a large number of ethnic cultural relics and supplies to the true representation of all ethnic groups living original . Garden full of water in the lake Yan, a small bridge arching, grass-green bonus, whirling Zhu Ying, cock Cashmere goats, rice-based fragrance. From the ethnic minority areas, hundreds of young people of all ethnic groups in the garden tour guide for visitors, explaining that the display of national conditions and customs. Park organized by the minority festivals, happy excitement, fun and full of national characteristics, Senate Strong, was welcomed by the visitors. Songkran Dai, the head Jingpo Nao song longitudinal section, Lisu Arbor Day, the Mongolian Naadam, the Uighur Harvest Festival has become the most attractive garden.

Naxi construction

Naxi area covers an area of 4032 square meters, construction area of 20 0 square meters. Building for the rehabilitation of the Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan Province Naxi typical urban residential construction, "brick structure", are 1:1. Planning, according to the layout of the Old Town of Lijiang "Square Street" in the form of streets, a total length of 90 meters, 5 meters widest point, the narrowest point 3 meters, the main characteristics of the riverside Street, Drainage temporary lanes. Old Town of Lijiang is " Ancient Silk Road, south-west, "one of the important post, and from the Caravan of businessmen here, so that became the trade center." Square Street "Old Town of Lijiang is at the center of the square. Square Street surrounded by shops around, it is to have every street, Ke Gong House Square Street is the center of the building to its high ground as the center of the pool Space plays a role in controlling the streets. Yulong Snow Mountain spring water flow Chuanjie town houses have been through walls, "spring water every family, every household Chueiyang"; the path of right and wrong with the drainage and layout, with housing on the terrain and the combination of high and low, plus inadvertently placed a springboard and A large number of stone, wooden weaved so that the building space changes all the time Harmony yin. China has become the most distinctive residential areas of the plateau --- water.

Bai construction

Bai area covers an area of 7168 square meters, construction area of 2900 square meters. Building resilience by Dali in Yunnan Province region, "Chau-hi," "City Week" Bai typical construction, stone brick structure Both 1:1. Planning for cities and towns in the form of "Street." By the Shing Mun, the main temple, stage, country markets, Zhaobi a three-bedroom, five-Tetraena courtyard, Teahouse, Hu Diequan such as construction, so as to the composition of agriculture, handicraft industry and commerce of the more developed Bai cultural and economic status.

Bai residential construction for the multi-phase Closed-off construction portfolio, the typical layout as "a three-bedroom Zhaobi", "Five Tetraena courtyard" in the form. Is a common feature of the building space separated by 3, the courtyard is a large space around the central room, bedroom and other main living areas and activities, and arrangements were omitted profile hall, kitchen, the animal circle, and other auxiliary buildings, the layout of combined , Prioritize, and the corresponding complement. The residential decoration outside is to deal with residential construction and Bai culture, arts integration features.

The residential areas are outside black, Mexican-based paint transfer, dotted with stone blue, ocher, such as painting, color elegance, smooth lines. Wooden frame, green tile, Qingshi Ban canopy closure, and The original area of the nature of space color matched, so that the buildings, people, into the environment. Zhaobi the courtyard space to deal with the use of the best form. Zhaobi by the symmetry of the two high and low water combination, the use of large areas of white Fenqiang, light reflection, not only to increase its focus on three sides of the room interior lighting, the extension of the plateau Rizhao area, but also a small courtyard suddenly.

Qiang construction

Qiang covers an area of 3575 square meters area, construction area of 936 square meters, according to the construction rehabilitation of Aba in Sichuan Province, Kitagawa, the upper reaches of Minjiang Qiang farmers typical home construction. Stone structure with large stone block Building are 1:1. Planning for the mountains in the form of stockade, composed of people from four rooms.

Qiang residential construction to make full use of dangerous terrain power, construction materials Diaolou Shishi, inhabited by enemies of Islam, easily defensible, is a defensive construction, the windows are smaller, often several families merging, seamless construction, Utah Rock Hill grow on the general. Here are four recover Chuan Wenchuan Qiang residential areas --- Block 4 is connected Qiang stone building, was a square, flat-topped. The average for the three-tier, the bottom of captive animals, debris piled up; live in the middle, bedroom set, Chong pot (that is, Huotang) and the shrine; the upper food storage, the roof platform Grain drying clothes and rest for the elderly and children to play. Roof of the white stone tablets block, is a place of worship to pray. Qiang indoor residential space is to deal with "modern", every household and household phase of the other, have an independent courtyard and the level of shared activities ranging from space. They make full use of the slope The vertical elevation difference, not only solved the structure of the stone-storey housing, and completed the defensive needs, so that 4 of high, medium and low can be connected to the same, but with a foreign enemy to invade every space Independence can be closed. These flexible common space of freedom, have become household exchanges between the feelings of living space. Construction of the Dong

  The Dong area covers an area of 4000 square meters, construction area of 571 square meters, building rehabilitation Congjiang according to the Guizhou Province, the area of the Dong Liping typical construction, are 1:1. Walled in the form of planning by the Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, Zhai Men, the stage, residential areas, water tankers, grinding room, barn, rice , And other components. Dong ethnic architecture in order to fir as raw materials in the form of residential areas for dry-type column. Dongzhai in reservoirs over most of the lower part of the residential building "on foot" in the reservoirs. The overall appearance of the Dong Drum Tower, at the bottom of the hall, at the top of the frame structure of the wooden drum, and Yan Jiao in the form of plastic, and other animals, have the same needs and functions of the model It was built in the center of the stockade, tall and majestic, Jishi Li, it will be able to see the high clouds, the big moment, when it will be at the top of the wooden drums sounded, the villagers were gathered at the Drum Tower, "Hall of Parliament", Listen to the old Walled presided over the "Drum Tower meeting," the development of the rural people about regulation, and to beat a drum and the entry into force.

Elunchunzu Jian Oroqen covers an area of 1000 square meters area, construction area of 68 square meters. Building resilience in Heilongjiang Province, according to the Hinggan Mountains area the size of a typical family residential Elunchunzu are 1:1. In the form of planning for the village. Family residential Elunchunzu also known as the "fairy-chu", commonly known as the "group of LUO." Elunchunzu has long been engaged in Hunting and gathering way of life, residential building simple, easy ride down. "Immortal column" to a tree as the center, dozens of the root or birch wood according to Liu arranged around the circle, into the lower end of the earth, are the top tilted to the center, the intersection fixed in the trunk Center, constitute the framework of cone-shaped, straw mat outside Bark or animal skin External strong bundling Browne. Indoor only positive men sitting and lying, the right side of the seat for the elderly, the left side of the seat for the younger generation. "Immortal column," the central fire burning all day long for heating and cooking.

Dai Architectural

  Dai area covers an area of 10,000 square meters, construction area of 1347 square meters Building resilience in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, according to Dai typical construction areas are 1:1. Planning in the form of "chai." Zhai Zhai Men by Dai, residential tower Dragon Man, Dai Temple, Walled heart, water kiosks, wells, Peacock Pavilion, the bridges formation of a community full of life. Dai Theravada Buddhist belief, each must have Walled Village Temple pagoda. At the same time, advocates of "water" holy, Walled next to the wells, he has become indispensable to the community. Dai residential wood for the structure of the dozens of wooden pillars elevated into a dry root architecture exhausted. Who live in the upper and the lower cool spacious, captive animal, placed the production and life of appliances. For the wall of wood or bamboo tablets, housing Xie Shan usually grass roof or roof tiles (Banwa soil), usually with lower canopies waist; formed a high overhead, Tiaoyan long, steep roof, wall panels and Minzuxingshi unique local characteristics, greatly adapted to the local Hot and humid weather conditions. Dai's unique style wells, is characterized by its cover well. It elephants, peacocks or tower The auspicious symbol of style; inside and outside wall mirror set, there are painted patterns, a left side of the water intake, even clean water, but also embodies the spirit of the Dai people advocating water.

Visitors to the nation during a visit to the village at the same time, but also to appreciate and participate in the national songs and dances, festivals, production, sports and performing arts, and so on Action. Every summer night's national museum, Beijing is a major bright spot, more unique visitors to enjoy the arts.

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