Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bai Wang Shan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Almost all people know that "good Xiangshan Red" and linked it with the Xishan Mountain, another angle, but also a Autumn leaves tour of the excellent location, which is a hundred Wang Shan Forest Park. Bai Wang Shan Shan also known child. As a result of two villages in the northeast foot of the mountain Wang (Wang), North West Point (wang) named after. Liao Bing and Yang legend Rokuro Yamashita in World War II, mountaineering She Taijun Rokuro to boost the morale of the match. Therefore, also known as the "Wang-shan children." Wang'ershan 210 meters above sea level, the Taihang Mountain Range is an extension of the North China Plain at the eastern end of a mountain. High-sighted, is a modern complex to the east, the mountain forest is over, Mai Xiang ten. Pak hope to enjoy the park Leaves a large area of forest plantations, where the sumac, maple, and so on, in their prime of life period of strong growth. Bai Shan Wang leaves the best reward is a place of friendship between the booths. Open woodland here, Pohuan-way, walk in the forest to enjoy red leaves. Another hope is that a hundred of the summit taken on Maple Hill Pavilion. Gordon Pavilion West Vision Taihang peaks Cheung, the storied dye do, to see Red Man Shan pines Calocedrus matched, the more beautiful red leaves. Here when the setting sun, making the other more beautiful sunset red leaves, red leaves look wonderful feeling. Bai Shan Wang from the stone along the road to shun western slopes there is a deep valley, "Red Fairy" as stone, the ring may have an audience around the mountain. Transport: 330,93 , 716,722, 4, 5, 6 special way to reach. Admission: 6 yuan

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