Saturday, February 7, 2009

Terrace Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Terrace Hill in the wooded area, and many old trees. It's very good in the suburbs of Beijing to watch the sunrise and named after, more than 10 years of north-south distribution of many historical sites halfway up the mountain. Panshan Road to the existing well-known Jiufeng Forest Park, and Millennium Dajue Si temple, the main peak - the peak Miao, also made it to preserve the integrity of the Qing Dynasty, alcohol King. After spring (around by the end of April), Terrace Hill Heng Fa Chuen, peach, pear and apple flowers, cherry blossoms and opening sequence, I have to thank you in full bloom, full of high and low near and far to spend. By the end of April, the spring in the capital subsided, Terrace Hill is concentrated in the spring. "Eight temple must," the famous Da Juesi, 100 Magnolia triclosan Strong, "1100-Yi bold flowers." Tickets: 8 yuan Tel: 62456816,62459209 Transport: From the Summer Palace, seat 346 bus stations in the North River that is to get off.

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