Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beijing Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Beijing Botanical Garden is located near the Western Hills Wofo Si, in 1956 the establishment of the State Council's approval, planning area of 400 hectares, in order to collect, preserve and display of China's North China, Northeast China, Northwest China's resource-based plants, collection of scientific research, popular science and the tour features Into one. Botanical Garden to demonstrate the East China , Northwest, North China-based plant resources, both part of central China, the South China sub-tropical ornamental plants. Both the scientific content, appearance and landscape. In accordance with the "light of local conditions, the excuse is used to build parks, landscaping plants to highlight" the principles of botanical gardens have been built more than a dozen pine and cypress areas and special types of gardens. The small parks of various styles, with special . There are Chinese and Italian-style pastoral scenery, France's strict court-neat layout as well as British-style open stretch of the screen. Park, the verdant trees, flowers Zhengyan. Modeling vivid sculpture, unique compact Pavilion, red flower in the shade of trees. Has now completed more than 200 hectares of open area by the plant show Areas, historical sites and nature reserves composition of the resort. ?? ?? exhibition area plants, including ornamental areas, Arboretum, bonsai garden, greenhouse flower district. ?? ?? ornamental plants from the Garden District, the Peony Garden, Rose Garden, Pitt Taoyuan, Lilac Garden, Magnolia Park, the garden show set (Yuen), Cotoneaster Begonia Garden, Xuan Yuan autumn, places Flower garden, garden plants and are planning for the plum of the 12 categories of professionals composed of Park. ?? ?? Arboretum area from ginkgo, pine and cypress areas, maple trees Rosa district, linden tree willow area, Magnolia Berberis area under construction and Platanus oak Ma district, the district composed of white wax Paulownia; ?? ?? Bonsai Garden in 1995 into open . ?? ?? 2 Jan 1, 2000 opening of the exhibition greenhouses from around the world to display thousands of tropical and subtropical plants, is Asia's largest exhibition of greenhouse plants. Introduction and cultivation of plants in the park more than 56 trees, 5,000 species (including varieties), 900,000 square meters of the grass pitch. ?? ?? relics in the resort by lying Temple, Ying Taogou, long taught Temple site, "on January 2. IX" Jinian Ting, Liang Chi-chao cemetery, Cao Xueqin, and other components of the memorial. Transportation: Take up to 318,331,360,714,733,737,904.

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