Saturday, February 7, 2009

North Putuo movie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuxi CCTV is the second movie, the movie Zhuozhou after the completion of a new set of travel and tourism, film and photography, film and television training, hosted the meeting, and cultural exchanges as one of the major multi-functional movie, and its construction so as to the Ming and Qing style dominated. A Dream of Red Mansions a city park, North Putuo Temple, and so the old building, Mongolia tea bag, skill bridge, posing as new developments have been, Lin Xing hydrangea, and so filled with traditional folk customs and cultural activities; the ancient town of the Ming and Qing Three Street Village, Training Academy, the cradle of star indicates that Chinese film culture will be further developed; Painting and Calligraphy Institute , Pottery museum and pine, bamboo and plum garden is three more traditional Chinese culture. Every 5, 6, Japan, the city's arts groups in the "water stage" and attractions, together with the local folk to the Flower Show, organized by extraordinary excitement, "performing arts park to the Fair activities." Transport: through the front door by bus up to 922.

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