Sunday, February 8, 2009

Deshengmen Jianlou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beiyuan is located on the west side of Beijing, Beijing is a city with one of the Shing Mun 9. Deshengmen with Weng Cheng Jian Lou together constitute a military fortress to protect the Shing Mun, was founded in 2002 Mingzheng Tong (1437). Since then, all the ages of the Shing Mun Jian Lou and maintenance. State funding the renovation in 1951. 1980 once again into Full repair. In 1982 the establishment of the Brunei capital, and opening to the outside world. Weng Cheng in 1992 to restore the Zhenwu Miao. Jian Lou is on hold long history of the ancient coin show. Transport: Bus 5,27,44,315,344,345,380 way ticket: 4 yuan

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